List of Occupations


List of Occupations

Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians may include:

Aerospace Mechanic
Aerospace Physiological Technician
Aerospace Technician
Altitude Chamber Technician
Avionics Technician
Avionics Test Technician
Calibration Technician
Certified Technician Specialist
Communication Technician
Data Acquisition Technician
Electronics Technician
Engineering Operations Leader
Engineering Specialist Technician
Engineering Technician
Engineering Test Specialist
Field Service Engineer
Flight Data Technician
Flight Readiness Technician
Flight Technician
Flight Test Data Acquisition Technician
Instrumentation Technician
Project Engineer
Radar Technician
Research Mechanic
Spacecraft Systems Engineer
Systems Test Technician
Test Equipment Mechanic
Test Specialist
Test Technician
Wind Tunnel Mechanic
Wind Tunnel Technician

Aerospace Engineers may include:

Aeronautical Design Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Aeronautical Project Engineer
Aeronautical Research Engineer
Aeronautical Test Engineer
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Stress Engineer
Aircraft Designer
Aircraft Engineer
Aircraft Instrument Engineer
Aircraft Stress Analyst
Airplane Designer
Airplane Engineer
Astronautical Engineer
Automation Engineer
Aviation Consultant
Aviation Engineer
Avionics Engineer
Design Analyst
Design Engineer
Field Service Engineer
Flight Controls Engineer
Flight Dynamicist
Flight Engineer
Flight Test Engineer
Fuel-Efficient Aircraft Designer
Helicopter Engineer
Master Lay Out Specialist
Military Aircraft Designer
Physical Aerodynamicist
Pipe Stress Engineer
Propeller Engineer
Propulsion Engineer
Rocket Scientist
Service Engineer
Space Engineer
Stress Engineer
Structural Analysis Engineer
Structures Engineer
Supersonic Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Systems Engineer
Test Analyst
Test Engineer
Test Facility Engineer
Thermodynamics Engineer
Transonic Engineer
Value Engineer
Vibration Engineer
Weight Control Engineer
Weight Engineer
Wind Tunnel Engineer

Agricultural Engineers

Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Equipment Design Engineer
Agricultural Equipment Test Engineer
Agricultural Production Engineer
Agricultural Research Engineer
Agricultural Safety and Health Program Director
Agricultural Systems Specialist
Agriculture Consultant
Agriculture Engineer
Agriculture Scientist
Automation Engineer
Conservation Engineer
Engineering Leader
Farm Equipment Engineer
Field Research Associate
Permaculture Designer
Product Engineer
Product Technology Scientist
Project Engineer
Regional Engineer
Research Agricultural Engineer
Research Associate
Research Leader
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Test Engineer

Architects, Except Landscape and Naval

Architectural Designer
Architectural Project Manager
Architectural Superintendent
Building Architect
Building Architectural Designer
Building Consultant
City Designer
Commercial Green Building Architect
Commercial Green Building Designer
Commercial Green Retrofit Architect
Design Architect
Facilities Planner
Facility Designer
Green Building Architect
Green Building Design Specialist
Green Building Materials Designer
Home Designer
House Designer
Intern Architect
Location Analyst
Location Man
Location Worker
Plumbing Designer
Principal Architect
Principal, Architectural Firm
Project Architect
Real Estate Site Analyst
Residential Designer
Residential Green Building Designer
School Plant Consultant
Senior Architect/Design Manager
Senior Architectural Designer
Senior Planner
Space Planner
Specifications Writer
Structural Architect
Structural Designer
Supervising Architect

Architectural and Civil Drafters

Biomedical Engineers

Biomaterials Engineer
Biomechanical Engineer
Biomedical Analytical Scientist
Biomedical Electronics Technician
Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Engineering Director
Biomedical Engineering Supervisor
Biomedical Engineering Technician
Biomedical Engineering Technologist
Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)
Biomedical Field Service Engineer
Biomedical Manager
Biomedical Scientist
Biomedical Service Engineer
Biomedical Technician
Bioprocess Engineer
Clinical Engineer
Field Clinical Engineer
Genetic Engineer
Medical Engineer
Orthopedic Designer
Product Development Director
Research Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)

Cartographers and Photogrammetrists

Aerial Photogrammetrist
Cartographic Designer
Cartographic Drafter
Cartography Supervisor
Digital Cartographer
Field Map Editor
Imagery Analyst
Map Editor
Orthophotography Technician
Photo Cartographer
Photogrammetric Engineer
Photogrammetric Technician
Stereo Compiler
Stereoplotter Operator
Topographical Field Assistant

Chemical Engineers

Absorption and Adsorption Engineer
Automation Engineer
Blending Coordinator
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Process Engineer
Chemical Research Engineer
Chemical Test Engineer
Design Engineer
Development Engineer
Engineering Scientist
Explosives Engineer
Fuels Engineer
Gas Combustion Engineer
Lubricating Engineer
Monomer Recovery Supervisor
Oxidation Engineer
Pharmaceutical Process Engineer
Plant Engineer
Plastics Engineer
Poly Area Supervisor
Polymerization Engineer
Polymerization Supervisor
Process Control Engineer
Process Design Chemical Engineer
Process Engineer
Processes Chemical Design Engineer
Project Engineer
Refinery Process Engineer
Research Chemical Engineer
Sand Analyst
Sand Technologist
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Weapons Designer
Weapons Engineer

Civil Engineering Technicians

Bridge Construction Inspector
Civil Designer
Civil Engineer Helper
Civil Engineer’s Aide
Civil Engineering Assistant
Civil Engineering Designer
Civil Engineering Technician
Concrete Engineering Technician
Design Technician
Drafting Technician
Engineer Assistant
Engineer Technician
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Designer
Engineering Specialist
Engineering Technician
Facility Planner
Fire Protection Engineering Technician
Geotechnical Engineering Technician
Highway Construction Inspector
Highway Engineering Technician
Highway Technician
Parking Analyst
Plumbing Designer
Structural Engineering Technician
Structural Technician
Transportation Engineering Technician

Civil Engineers

Airport Engineer
Architectural Engineer
Asphalt Engineer
Base Engineer
Bridge Design Engineer
Bridge Engineer
Bridge/Structure Inspection Team Leader
Building Construction Engineer
Building Engineer
Cadastral Engineer
Cartographic Engineer
City Engineer
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineering Manager
Civil Engineering Project Manager
Concrete Engineer
Condemnation Engineer
Construction Engineer
Contracting Engineer
County Engineer
Demolition Engineer
Design Engineer
District Engineer
Drainage Design Coordinator
Drainage Engineer
Energy Infrastructure Engineer
Environmental Construction Engineer
Erecting Engineer
Facilities Engineer
Forest Engineer
Forestry Engineer
Foundation Engineer
Geodetic Engineer
Geological Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Highway Design Engineer
Highway Engineer
Highway Research Engineer
Highway Safety Engineer
Hydraulic Engineer
Hydroelectric Plant Structural Engineer
Hydrographic Engineer
Irrigation Engineer
Maintenance Engineer
Mapping Engineer
Material Engineer
Municipal Engineer
Plans Examiner
Process Engineer
Project Engineer
Railroad Design Consultant
Railroad Engineer
Reclamation Engineer
Reservoir Engineer
Resident Engineer
Resource Recovery Engineer
Road Design Engineer
Road Engineer
Sanitary Engineer
Street Engineer
Stress Engineer
Structural Design Engineer
Structural Designer
Structural Engineer
Structural Engineering Project Manager
Structural Steel Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Topographical Engineer
Track Production Engineer
Traffic Engineer
Transportation Analyst
Transportation Consultant
Transportation Engineer
Traveling Engineer
Utility Engineer
Wastewater Plant Civil Engineer
Water Systems Designer
Water Systems Engineer
Zoning Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers

Automation Engineer
Computer Architect
Computer Designer
Computer Engineer
Computer Hardware Designer
Computer Hardware Developer
Computer Installation Engineer
Computer Tester
Configuration Manager
Design Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Field Service Engineer
Hardware Design Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Information Technology Consultant (IT Consultant)
Microchip Specialist
Network Engineer
Project Engineer
Senior Hardware Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Systems Engineer
Systems Integration Engineer
Telecommunications Engineer

Drafters, All Other

Blueprint Tracer
Drafting Layout Worker
Geological Drafter
Marine Drafter

Electrical Engineers

Automation Engineer
Cable Engineer
Circuits Engineer
Controls Engineer
Design Engineer
Distribution Engineer
Distribution Field Engineer
District Plant Engineer
Division Engineer
Division Plant Engineer
Electrical Controls Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Designer
Electrical Electronics Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Integrator
Electrical Products Engineer
Electrical Project Engineer
Electrical Prospecting Engineer
Electrical Research Engineer
Electrical Test Engineer
Electrolysis and Corrosion Control Engineer
Electrolysis Engineer
Electrolysis Investigator
Engineer of System Development
Facilities Engineer
Failure Analysis Technician
Field Engineer
Geothermal Electrical Engineer
Hardware Design Engineer
Hydroelectric Plant Electrical Engineer
Illuminating Engineer
Induction Coordination Engineer
Induction Coordination Power Engineer
Instrumentation and Electrical Reliability Engineer (I&E Reliability Engineer)
Instrumentation Engineer
Laser Engineer
Lighting Engineer
Line Construction Engineer
Meter Engineer
Microwave Supervisor
Outside Plant Engineer
Photovoltaic Power Systems Engineer (PV Power Systems Engineer)
Photovoltaic Solar Cell Designer (PV Solar Cell Designer)
Plant Engineer
Power Distribution Engineer
Power Generation Engineer
Power System Electrical Engineer
Power Systems Engineer
Power Transmission Engineer
Project Engineer
Protection Engineer
Radio Frequency Engineer (RF Engineer)
Relay Engineer
Results Engineer
Rural Electrification Engineer
Service Engineer
Smart Grid Engineer
Solar Designer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Systems Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
Telephone Engineer
Test Engineer
Testing Engineer
Traffic Engineer
Traffic Routing Engineer
Transmission Engineer
Utility Engineer
Wind Farm Electrical Systems Designer
Wind Turbine Electrical Engineer
Wire Communications Engineer

Electrical and Electronics Drafters

Electrical Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technician
Electrical Drafter
Electrical Systems Drafter
Electronic Drafter
Printed Circuit Board Drafter


Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians

Automation Technician
Calibration and Instrumentation Technician
Calibration Laboratory Technician
Calibration Technician
Cellular Phone Repairer (Cell Phone Repairer)
Certified Control Systems Technician
CNC Programmer (Computer Numerical Control Programmer)
Computer Engineering Technician
Controls Technician
Developmental Electronics Assembler
Digital Tech (Digital Technician)
Drafting Technician
Electrical Equipment Technician
Electrical Instrument Repairer
Electrical Mechanical Fabrication Technician
Electrical Mechanical Technician
Electrical Technician
Electronic Development Technician
Electronic Specialist
Electronic Systems Technician (EST)
Electronics Engineering Technician
Electronics Technician
Engineering Technician (Engineering Tech)
Failure Analysis Technician (FA Technician)
Instrument Mechanic
Instrument Repairer
Instrument Technician
Instrument Technician Apprentice
Instrument/Control Technician
Instrumentation Technician
Instrumentation/Controls/Electrical Systems Technician (ICE Technician)
Laser Technician
Laser/Electro-Optics Technician (LEOT)
Refurbish Technician (Refurb Tech)
Research Instrumentation Technician
Semiconductor Development Technician
Senior Electronics Technician
Test Technician
Tube Rebuilder
Weapons System Instrument Mechanic
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electrical Equipment Technician
Electrical Technician
Electrification Adviser
Electronics Technician
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Technician
Equipment Specialist
Failure Analysis Technician
Generation Technician
Instrument and Controls Technician (I & C Technician)
Light Technician
Lighting Adviser
Lighting Specialist
Programmable Logic Controller Programmer (PLC Programmer)
Programmable Logic Controller Technician (PLC Technician)
Relay Tester
Research Electrician
Results Technician
Solar Lab Technician
Test Specialist
Test Technician

Electro-Mechanical Technicians

Automation Technician
Certified Control Systems Technician
Electro-Mechanical Technician (E/M Technician)
Electromechanical Assembler
Electromechanical Assembly Technician
Electromechanical Equipment Tester
Electronic Technician
Engineering Technician
Field Service Technician
Laboratory Technician (Lab Technician)
Maintenance Associate
Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Technician
Photovoltaic Fabrication and Testing Technician (PV Fabrication and Testing Technician)
Product Test Specialist
Remotely Piloted Vehicle Controller (RPV Controller)
Remotely Piloted Vehicle Engineering Technician (RPV Engineering Technician)
Robotics Testing Technician
Service Technician
Supply Chain Technician
Test Technician
Underwater Roboticist
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roboticist (UAS Roboticist)
Unmanned Equipment Operator

Electronics Engineers, Except Computer

Automation Engineer
Automotive Power Electronics Engineer
Central Office Equipment Engineer
Central Office Facilities Planning Engineer
Circuit Design Engineer
Circuit Designer
Commercial Engineer
Communications Engineer
Compatibility Test Engineer
Customer Equipment Engineer
Design Engineer
Dial Equipment Engineer
Electrical Design Engineer
Electrical Electronics Engineers
Electronic Parts Designer
Electronic System Engineer
Electronics Design Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Research Engineer
Electronics Test Engineer
Electrophonic Engineer
Engineering Manager
Equipment Engineer
Evaluation Engineer
Failure Analysis Technician
Guidance and Control System Engineer
Integrated Circuit Design Engineer (IC Design Engineer)
Microwave Engineer
Microwave Supervisor
Outside Plant Cable Engineer
Outside Plant Engineer
Principal Engineer
Product Engineer
Radar Engineer
Radio Frequency Design Engineer (RF Design Engineer)
Radio Frequency Engineer (RF Engineer)
Research and Development Engineer (R&D Engineer)
Studio Operations Engineer-in-Charge
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Systems Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
Telecommunications Engineer
Test Engineer
Test Engineering Manager
Traffic Circuit Engineer
Transmission and Protection Engineer
Transmitter Engineer

Engineering Technicians, Except Drafters, All Other

Agricultural Engineering Technician
Agricultural Engineering Technologist
Biomedical Engineering Technician
Biomedical Engineering Technologist
Chemical Engineering Technician
Chemical Engineering Technologist
Marine Engineering Technician
Marine Engineering Technologist
Materials Engineering Technician
Materials Engineering Technologist
Metallurgical Engineering Technician
Metallurgical Engineering Technologist
Non-Destructive Testing Specialist
Nuclear Engineering Technician
Nuclear Engineering Technologist
Optical Engineering Technician
Optical Engineering Technologist
Ordnance Engineering Technician
Ordnance Engineering Technologist
Radar Technicians
Salvage Engineering Technician
Salvage Engineering Technologist
Sonar Technicians

Engineers, All Other

Calibration Engineer
Coastal Engineer
Corrosion Control Engineer
Mathematical Engineer
Mechatronics Engineer
Ocean Engineer
Optical Engineer
Ordnance Engineer
Photonics Engineer
Salvage Engineer

Environmental Engineering Technicians

Air Analysis Engineering Technician
Air Analysis Technician
Air Analyst
Air Moving Technician
Air Pollution Specialist
Air Quality Instrument Specialist
Air Technician
Compliance Aide
Engineer Technician
Engineering Assistant
Engineering Inspection Assistant
Engineering Technician
Environmental Engineering Aide
Environmental Engineering Assistant
Environmental Engineering Technician
Environmental Field Professional
Environmental Field Team Member
Environmental Field Technician
Environmental Remediation Engineering Technician
Environmental Specialist
Environmental Technician
Haz Tech (Hazardous Technician)
Industrial Waste Inspector
Pollution Control Engineering Technician
Pollution Control Technician
Senior Environmental Technician
Soil Field Technician
Soil Technician
Water Pollution Control Technician

Environmental Engineers

Air Pollution Control Engineer
Chief, Pesticides and Toxic Substances Branch
Environmental Analyst
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Coordinator
Environmental Designer
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Planner
Environmental Project Manager
Environmental Remediation Engineer
Environmental Remediation Specialist
Environmental Safety Specialist
Environmental Scientist
Environmental Systems Coordinator
Flood Control Engineer
Global Director Air and Climate Change
Hazardous Substances Engineer
Hazardous Waste Management Control Engineer
Hazardous Waste Management Specialist
Industrial Hygiene Engineer
Irrigation Engineer
Marine Engineer CPVEC (Marine Engineer Commercial Passenger Vessel Environmental Compliance)
Pollution Control Engineer
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Public Health Engineer
Radiation Protection Engineer
Regulatory Environmental Compliance Manager
Remediation Project Engineer
Reservoir Engineer
Sanitary Engineer
Sanitation Engineer
Sewage Disposal Engineer
Soil Engineer
Solid Waste Engineer
Solid Waste Management Engineer
Waste Management Engineer
Wastewater Treatment Engineer
Water Resources Engineer
Water Supply Engineer
Water Treatment Plant Engineer

Health and Safety Engineers, Except Mining Safety Engineers and Inspectors

Fire Prevention Engineer
Fire Protection Engineer
Industrial Safety Engineer
Product Safety Engineer
Product Safety Test Engineer
System Safety Engineer

Industrial Engineering Technicians

Analysis Tester
Boiler Water Tester
Cellophane Tester
Cloth Tester
CPS Team Lead (Chip Placement Solution Team Lead)
Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Analyst
Industrial Engineering Technician
Industrial Technician
Manufacturing Engineering Technician
Manufacturing Technician
Materials Planner
Methods Engineer
Methods Specialist Engineer
Methods Study Analyst
Methods Time Analyst
Motion Study Analyst
Motion Study Engineer
Motion Study Technician
Paper Tester
Personnel Quality Assurance Auditor
Plant Facilities Technician
Process Documentation and Methods Analyst
Process Engineer
Process Technician
Production Analyst
Production Control Analyst
Production Control Technologist
Production Planner
Production Staff Worker
Project Engineer
Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager)
Quality Control Engineering Technician (QC Engineering Technician)
Quality Control Representative (QC Representative)
Quality Control Technician
Quality Controller
Quality Process Lead
Soda Tester
Solar Hot Water Heater Manufacturing Technician
Time Motion Analyst
Time Study Analyst
Time Study Observer
Time Study Technician
Time Study Technologist
Woolen Tester
Yarn Tester

Industrial Engineers

Automation Engineer
Configuration Management Analyst
Configuration Manager
District Plant Engineer
Documentation Engineer
Efficiency Analyst
Efficiency Engineer
Efficiency Expert
Engineering Inspector
Engineering Manager
Environmental Systems Coordinator
Equipment Inspector
Factory Engineer
Factory Expert
Factory Lay Out Engineer
Factory Lay-Out Engineer
Field Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Methods Consultant
Inventory Analyst
Liaison Engineer
Logistical Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Planner
Manufacturing Specialist
Material Scheduler
Materials Planner
Metallurgical and Quality Control Testing Supervisor
Methods Engineer
Methods Time Analyst
Operations Engineer
Packaging Engineer
Plant Engineer
Process Engineer
Production Control Expert
Production Control Planner
Production Engineer
Production Engineering Tooling Coordinator
Production Expert
Production Manager
Production Planner
Production Tool Engineer
Quality Assurance Analyst (QA Analyst)
Quality Assurance Engineer (QA Engineer)
Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager)
Quality Assurance Technician
Quality Control Analyst
Quality Control Director
Quality Control Engineer
Quality Control Expert
Quality Control Industrial Engineer
Quality Control Manager
Quality Control Specialist
Quality Controller
Quality Engineer
Salvage Engineer
Shoe Lay-Out Planner
Standards Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE)
Supply Chain Analyst
Supply Chain Engineer
Test Inspection Engineer
Time Study Engineer
Tool Design Engineer
Tool Engineer
Tool Planner
Traffic Rate Analyst
Vendor Quality Supervisor

Landscape Architects

Director of Landscape Architecture and Planning
Environment Friendly Landscape Designer
Environmental Designer
Environmental Planner
Exterior Designer
Golf Course Architect
Golf Course Designer
Indoor Landscape Architect
Land Planner
Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect and Planner
Landscape Designer
Landscape Engineer
Outdoor Landscape Architect
Project Landscape Architect
Senior Landscape Architect
Site Planner
Sustainable Landscape Architect

Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

Marine Architect
Marine Equipment Engineer
Marine Structural Designer
Naval Engineer
Ships Equipment Engineer

Materials Engineers

Automotive Sheet Metal Engineer
Ceramic Engineer
Forensic Materials Engineer
Glass Science Engineer
Metallurgical Engineer
Welding Engineer

Mechanical Drafters

Aeronautical Drafter
Automotive Design Drafter
Die Designer
Gage Designer
Mechanical Design Drafter
Tool and Die Designer
Tool Designer

Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Gyroscopic Engineering Technician
Heat Transfer Technician
Hydraulic Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Optomechanical Technician

Mechanical Engineers

Auto Research Engineer
Combustion Engineer
Engine Designer
Heating and Cooling Systems Engineer
Tool and Die Engineer
Tool Engineer

Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers

Geophysical Engineer
Mineral Engineer
Mining Engineer
Seismic Engineer

Nuclear Engineers

Atomic Process Engineer
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Radiation Engineer
Nuclear Steam Supply System Engineer
Radiation Engineer
Reactor Engineer
Reactor Projects Engineer

Petroleum Engineers

Natural Gas Engineer
Oil Drilling Engineer
Oil Exploration Engineer
Oil Well Engineer
Petroleum Engineer

Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Cartographic Aide
Cartographic Technician
Field Map Technician
Geophysical Prospecting Surveying Technician
GIS Mapping Technician
Mapping Technician
Mineral Surveying Technician
Surveying Technician
Topography Technician


City Surveyor
County Surveyor
Geodetic Surveyor
Geophysical Prospecting Surveyor
Land Surveyor
Mine Surveyor
Mineral Surveyor
Registered Land Surveyor
Topographical Surveyor

Art Directors
Artists and Related Workers, All Other
Athletes and Sports Competitors
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
Broadcast News Analysts
Broadcast Technicians
Camera Operators, Television, Video, and Motion Picture
Coaches and Scouts
Commercial and Industrial Designers
Craft Artists
Designers, All Other
Entertainers and Performers, Sports and Related Workers, All Other
Fashion Designers
Film and Video Editors
Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators
Floral Designers
Graphic Designers
Interior Designers
Interpreters and Translators
Media and Communication Equipment Workers, All Other
Media and Communication Workers, All Other
Merchandise Displayers and Window Trimmers
Multimedia Artists and Animators
Music Directors and Composers
Musicians and Singers
Producers and Directors
Public Address System and Other Announcers
Public Relations Specialists
Radio Operators
Radio and Television Announcers
Reporters and Correspondents
Set and Exhibit Designers
Sound Engineering Technicians
Technical Writers
Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials
Writers and Authors

Building Cleaning Workers, All Other
First-Line Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers
First-Line Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service, and Groundskeeping Workers
Grounds Maintenance Workers, All Other
Janitors and Cleaners, Except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers
Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners
Pest Control Workers
Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators, Vegetation
Tree Trimmers and Pruners

Accountants and Auditors
Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes
Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate
Budget Analysts
Business Operations Specialists, All Other
Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products
Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
Compliance Officers
Cost Estimators
Credit Analysts
Credit Counselors
Farm Labor Contractors
Financial Analysts
Financial Examiners
Financial Specialists, All Other
Human Resources Specialists
Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage
Insurance Underwriters
Labor Relations Specialists
Loan Officers
Management Analysts
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners
Personal Financial Advisors
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products
Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents
Tax Preparers
Training and Development Specialists
Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products

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