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Lara Collins didn’t know until she knew.

Her first cup of coffee sat cold as the Department of Labor Investigator asked, “So, tell me, what made you think you could do it this way?”

Lara was stunned at a question she never expected to be asked. “This is the way we’ve always done it”, she replied feeling defeated before even getting started.

For the next three hours, Lara and the DOL investigator went back and forth over where she was getting her information, training and guidance and how none of her sources seemed to fit her investigator’s credibility test.

All she could think was...

"How in the world am I supposed to know what I don’t know?"

Lara thought to herself. The investigator kept talking about how in this HR job I was supposed to know these things . I guess I was supposed to be born knowing everything about employment law compliance. Well I wasn't!

She said I was supposed to know things like:

  • How and when to initiate the ADA’s interactive process
  • How and when to engage FMLA
  • How to write FLSA compliant job descriptions

Her thoughts continued... maybe I should take more classes but who has time ... I don't, not with this workload. I’m already up late reading those books the boss recommended that are literally 4 inches thick... and my husband puts the kids to bed way too often now.

Maybe I should get another job. I feel so inadequate. Maybe I’m not cut out for this? I didn’t even apply for this job. I was told I was good at my other job, so I would be good at HR. So here I am.

I guess you could say I was volun-told into this position.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

And that's when Lara remembered a conversation about two weeks earlier with Kari, a colleague she’d called for advice on a new paid sick leave law. When she asked her friend how she was able to keep up with so much information in such great detail, her friend confessed –

“I rely on HelpDesk! It’s an HR tools website.”

At the time Lara thought to herself ... Yeah, I almost signed up for one those sites. $699 I think it was and then as I was showing it to my boss, we realized we needed an Employee Handbook and that was another $499 and they even limited how many handbooks we could make!

Then you also had to pay extra for a Job Description Writer and that was another $499. Plus, you need to renew it all EVERY YEAR!

All I remember is my boss saying... “You see Lara. That’s how they get ya. They get you in and then $500 here and $500 there and soon it turns into real money!” Then he handed me that 4 inch book that was already a year old. Its hard to do a good job when all the boss says is don't spend any money.  

From Unsure to Audit-Secure!

Lara exhaled the morning’s stress and immediately called Kari. Kari told her this HR site is different. It’s very reasonable and Kari also said she bought it for herself so she could take it with her if she ever left her job. Lara thought to herself that maybe she should also do that if her boss said no to the purchase. After all, Kari is smart and was definitely sure about the decisions she makes in her HR department!

Lara was able to get the necessary information and became a member of HelpDesk Deluxe that afternoon.

Within 2-hours Lara had a new employee handbook and had emailed...

...and received a response from - HelpDesk support regarding credible sources for the wage and hour problem the DOL investigator instructed her to research.

Now with confidence she felt capable and felt ready to talk to her boss and the DOL investigator again.

And soon she did.

The next afternoon, Lara’s boss spoke to the investigator after her meeting with Lara.

She was so impressed with the speed, accuracy and initiative Lara showed in starting the corrective action process that she said she would allow “good-faith” considerations to weigh heavily on her report which would reduce penalties.

And that conclusion wouldn't have happened but for the tip from her well-informed colleague and the easy to use applications and HR Support service from HelpDesk.

What the heck was it that Kari said to Lara?  She said “Here are 2 things you should do right now”

3 Things You Must ALWAYS Do

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Here, for example, are 2 things you must ALWAYS do:

     Internally audit your I-9 forms annually. Penalties for small, tiny, minor clerical type technical errors on the I-9 can cost $216 per occurrence – not per I-9. Per occurrence! Not to mention the personal liability involved for those who sign section two.

     Destroy documents when the retention window closes. When documents are legitimately ready to be destroyed, delaying can cost you a lot of $$! Retention times are given to us for a reason. But, shredding too soon can also backfire. Know your windows!

 These two tips alone could save you tens of thousands of dollars – money out of your own pocket – not to mention months of agony. (If you've ever been involved in a lawsuit, you know exactly what we mean. Even if you win, you lose.) They could even save your job ... save your very career.

Introducing HelpDeskSuites.com and the

HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits.

 HelpDeskSuites.com was created especially for people like YOU.  People with big multiple responsibilities –

human resources/payroll/OSHA/management/EEO reports and 941s that must be in completed by noon Friday or else/janitor/therapist/babysitter – and more.

People who could really use a little help. You are actually a superhero. We call you the Slash. We recognize these situations are problems that plague you and your fellow Slashes.

Solutions to ALL of them are provided in our HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits.

And wow, the tips and tools you'll discover!

  •  How to create a state specific employee handbook for ALL of your locations. Our Employee Handbook Creator is a no limits tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of handbooks for as many states and companies as you need. NO LIMITS!


  • Use Our Quick and Easy Job Description Writer. Literally, in 90 seconds you can produce a 9-page job description full of essential functions and all of the other details necessary to have ADA and FLSA compliant job descriptions. If necessary, you can edit on-screen and download immediately.

  • Get the big win fast. Got a hot question or serious dilemma that requires professional guidance NOW? Just write support! Explain your situation in detail. We will answer you with credible sources by the end of the day!

 This is a mere taste of what you'll discover in the HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits. No confusing HR doublespeak, no guesses or promises. Just down-to-earth advice from qualified subject matter experts –men and women who have faced and studied situations just like yours.

Tools, Training, and Credible Sources at Your Fingertips ... 24-7

HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits is available online and is accessible from any device. It's jam-packed with applications, checklists, plans and programs you can put to work right away.

But really ... HelpDesk is multiple tool-kits and applications all wrapped up in one. Here is a list of some of the tool-kit sections – or mini-tool-kits –and applications included in the Deluxe Suite:

  • Employment Handbook Creator
  • Job Description Writer
  • ADA Help
  • FMLA Help
  • Wage and Hour Help by State
  • Leave Laws by State
  • 120+ Policies and Procedures Library
  • Standard Operating Procedure Guide
  • Compliance Assessments and Guides
  • eLearning Library
  • PHR/SPHR Practice Exams
  • 200+ Forms and Documents
  • HIPAA Compliance Help
  • OSHA Compliance Help
  • I-9 Compliance Help
  • Alerts
  • Facebook Group
  • Free Webinars each month
  • Priority Email Support
  • Much More!

Our password-protected website is full of compliance gold.

  • Insightful blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • A morning Facebook video feature called Your HR Minute
  • ....and more.

But perhaps the most useful feature we provide is a searchable knowledgebase including over 1500 FAQs from professional Slashes like you

- not available anywhere else at any price.

This knowledgebase is available (no extra charge, of course) to registered subscribers ONLY. No one else ever gets to look at it.

Special Introductory Offer:
Up to 4 FREE Bonus Gifts PLUS a Money-Back Guarantee

So, here's a little challenge: Guess how much you'd pay to subscribe to the HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits for one year.

Don't answer just yet. Factor in all the elements of our package, including up to 4 Bonus Gifts that come FREE when you subscribe:

HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits A comprehensive information-packed collection of applications, forms, document, charts, job aids, laws, videos, support and much more.

FREE Bonus Gift #1 – How to Terminate and Employee – Drama Free

FREE Bonus Gift #2 – New Supervisor Training $149 value

FREE Bonus Gifts #3 – DANCE it Out, ebooks, audio training on Conflict Resolution

FREE Bonus Gift #4    ____________an additional $199.00 value.

I'll get to it in a bit. First, be aware …

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Service not meeting your needs? No problem. Cancel ANY time for ANY reason. You get a prompt refund of 100% of your subscription price. Every penny back – no questions, no hassles.

ALL the FREE Bonus Gifts are yours to keep. Seriously.

So ... What Was Your Guess?

Remember my challenge? To guess what your one-year subscription will cost? Time to find out how well you did.

  • $2,000 a year? Wa-a-aayy too high.
  • $1500?  Still out of the ballpark.
  • $1000?  Nah, even less. Give up?

A one-year subscription to HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits costs just $675. For the first year. Then $399. per year after that. That’s only $1.85 a day to Audit-Secure your compliance program. I bet you spend more – a lot more – on the cup of hot stuff you buy most mornings.

But just one tip from the folks at HelpDeskSuites.com– one bit of well-timed advice that helps you solve a problem, clean up a mess, avoid a lawsuit or survive a Big Agency audit or inspection – what's that worth? More than $675? A lot more, I'd say.

Hundreds of online resources available with a click from ANY DEVICE. Priority Email Support. Quick and Easy Applications. No Software Downloads. 4 Bonus Gifts (combined value: $) FREE with your one-year subscription. And a 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE that ensures you risk nothing at all.

It's your career. Make sure it's a success. Subscribe now.

Lisa Smith
Chief Content Officer

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you about FREE Bonus Gift #4! It's called Understanding Workers’ Compensation

P.P.S. Remember Lara Collins, the Slash whose story started this letter? Lara had been previously worked as a payroll clerk and HR assistant in a 50-150-person organizations. She had a high school diploma and 2 years of community college.

She worked hard to get where she was and took pride in every single task she accomplished as the Slash in her current position with this company. Yet, by not knowing what she needed to know on the day she needed to know it, she risked the financial health of her employer and could have ended a promising career. Good thing her friend and colleague referred her to HelpDeskSuites.com. It saved her.


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