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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Gives Gig Drivers A Win
Recently, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that a rideshare driver was legally entitled to unemployment benefits, after ruling that Uber[...]
California Enacts COVID-19 Exposure Notification Law
Hey Compliance Warriors! As if you didn't have enough to do, California has added a few more tasks to your[...]
California Sick Leave Laws – Update
Hey Compliance Warriors! Have you been keeping up with California leave laws? I know it's a lot. Here is a[...]
When is an Employer Required to Record a Confirmed COVID-19 Case?
Hey Compliance Warriors! When is a confirmed case in your workplace recordable under OSHA regs? Read on...   Via:[...]
Michigan Adopts COVID-19 Emergency Rule
Hey Compliance Warriors! Have you heard about the big step Michigan has taken to require training and recordkeeping for -19[...]
Time Off to Vote: Paid or Unpaid
As you are probably aware, due to the overwhelming political coverage, mailers, commercials, etc., election day is quickly approaching. However,[...]
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