• Lisa Smith
    # 1 year, 4 months ago

    Ask or share any questions about FMLA.

  • # 1 year ago

    Hi Lisa, should we be providing FMLA paperwork to all of those employees that we know are going out to have some kind of health condition even if they plan on returning to work within a week?

    What if they don’t complete it and return to work, should I count that time as FMLA?

  • Lisa Smith
    # 1 year ago

    Hello Clarissa!

    The FMLA says the employer is required to issue a notice to the worker stating they are covered for FMLA within 5 days of determining FMLA will apply to an absence. From that point, the employer may choose to require that the employee provides medical certification, but the employer is not required to require this documentation.

    Here is a link to the DOL’s guidance on employer/employee requirements. Pages 47-48 address your specific concerns.

    Hope this helps!

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