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Employers and HR professionals face two main threats when working to maintain employment law compliance: Time and Money. Our tool-kits, applications
and support services Help remedy both of these concerns. 
find answers to your compliance questions in a fast and efficient way with our compliance toolkits
or craft an entire New Employee Handbook in 20-30 minutes. 
Our toolkits are broken down below and your Deluxe Suite membership would include it all.

Toolkit for
OSHA Compliance

  • 35 Minute Webinar - Establishing Your OSHA Safety Program
  • All OSHA Applicable Regulations - 29 CFR Including GHS Regs!
  • Self Inspection Checklists - Mandatory Annual Safety Inspections
  • Sample Mandatory Safety Plans and Programs
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Emergency Action
  • Fire Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • And MANY MORE for Various Industries

Toolkit For
Human Resource Professionals

  • 35 Minute Webinar - Intro to Identifying Personality Styles
  • 100 Sample Policy and Procedure Manuals for all 50 States!!
  • 121 Sample Job Descriptions
  • HIPM Compliance Guide with Policies and Procedures
  • Records Retention Guide * Over 140 documents addressed*
  • Davis-Bacon Guidance
  • FMLA Guidance-What is Legal and What is Not?!
  • USERRA Guidance
  • 55 HR Sample Documents, Contracts, Policies and Letters
  • Hot Tips and FAQs - 1-9, FLSA, Taxable Benefits

Toolkit For
Payroll Professionals

  • 45 Minute Webinar - Conducting Internal Audits
  • Overtime Exemptions Audit Process
  • Internal Audit Checklists
  • Wage Garnishment Guidance
  • 1-9 Compliance Guide
  • Electronic New-Hire Reporting Links by State
  • Wage and Hour Guide by State
  • Meals and Break Requirements by State
  • Overtime Requirements by State
  • The FLSA in Full!
  • The DOL Field Operations Guide!
  • Independent Contractor Classification Guidance
  • FAQS - Travel Pay, Overtime, On-Call Pay, Taxable Benefits, etc.

​Employee Handbook Creator

  •  Create Your Employee   Handbook in Less Than   30 Minutes
  •  Unlimited Handbooks
  •   All 50 States and D.C.
  •  Updates and Alerts as   Changes Occur
  •  Easy Interview Process
  •  Online Storage for All of   Your Handbooks
  • Free Customization Assistance Upon Request

Toolkit For

Accounts Receivables

  • 45 Minute Webinar - Developing a Collections Policy
  • Guide to Creating a CrediUCollections Policy/Procedure Manual
  • Accounts Receivable Checklist
  • Sample Collection Letters
  • Sample Telephone Scripts
  • Sample Collection Matrix
  • Sample Forms and Contracts
  • Federal Regulations
  • Collection Laws by State
  • Audio "Spoonfuls of Help"

VIP Membership would include all that plus:

  • 192+ Policies and Procedures Library
  • 5000+ Searchable Job Description Titles
  • PHR/SPHR Practice Tests
  • Priority Email Access
  • Alerts and Updates
  • Pop-up/Micro-Webinars
  • FAQs and Best Practices
  • Much more...

Suite Deluxe Membership includes all the Tools at a GREAT Price! Check it out below!

Individual Products & Prices


Toolkit For OSHA Compliance

$249.00 per year

Toolkit For Payroll Compliance

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Toolkit For Human Resources


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Toolkit For Accounts Receivables

per year

Employee Handbook Creator

 per year.
This alone is worth the upgrade fee!

Premium Email Support by a HR subject Matter Expert


And More... like


  • 192+ Policies and Procedures Library
  • 5000+ Searchable Job Description Titles
  • PHR/SPHR Practice Tests
  • Alerts and Updates
  • Pop-up/Micro-Webinars
  • FAQs and Best Practices


Total for one year access

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What would your life be like if you had an Experienced HR Professional as an Assistant?

Imagine if you could send an email with a detailed explanation of the issue. Then, this

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This assistant would give you statutes, laws or court cases to help explain and apply the answer.

This is what we call Priority Email Support.

We have a team of HR Subject Matter Experts waiting to be your HR Compliance HelpDesk!

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