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How to Create Your Employee Handbook

Lesson 2 Module 2


Welcome to the employee handbook creator. We're going to show you how to access and use this product. First, you'll want to make sure you're logged in to help desk sweets.com then you can either go to your deluxe dashboard and click the link there, or just click the link in the navigation bar. Then scroll down to see the launch button. Here you'll see now the employee handbook creator application here. You can see that in a matter of just minutes, you can have a fully personalized employee handbook. In step one, you'll see some initial information you can read through to help you use this application. Then you'll see the next section is where you will be entering your business information depending on which state you choose. The handbook will have all the state specific information required. After you enter this information, you can start to go through the questionnaire.

You'll noticed we've created this open format questionnaire, so if you get stuck, you can keep going and come back to what you've missed. Once you've completed, you can press the create your handbook button and it will immediately download in doc X format. It's as simple as that. From there in Microsoft word, you can continue to make edits, formats in different changes like that, as well as adding policies that you might want personalized for your company. The handbook creator also comes with a save load feature that will save the information you input into your browser's local storage, meaning you can come back on the same computer in same browser and load up your information. We do this because it provides the utmost security for your information. So here is how it works. You'll input your information and if you need to come back later, you can click save your current session. Then when you come back on the same computer in same browser you saved on, you can click load your previous session and there it is. All your information will be restored. The employee handbook creator is a great tool that we hope you'll make the best use of it. If you have any further questions, you can always reach out to us at support it helpdesksuites.com and as always, be audit secure.

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