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I left a review but there are really no words to accurately describe how grateful I am for HelpDesk Suites. The work that y'all do for us to help us all stay in compliance is absolutely priceless. Thank you for being the best HR/PR assistant I could ever have. Y'all are amazing!

Melissa Broxson HR/PR Specialist

HelpDesk Suite Deluxe & Boss Calls 

  1. 1
    2 Live Zoom Calls x per month (Boss Calls)
  2. 2
    Unmatched Support From Full Time Support Team
  3. 3
    Employee Handbook Creator - Unlimited
  4. 4
    Job Description Writer over 10,000 Titles
  5. 5
    Performance Evaluation Center
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    Interview Question Writer
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    And So Much More!

Get the Resources & Support you need at Your Fingertips 

$729.00$399 annually

HR Boss Calls Mastermind Group

Join us for Boss Calls and Do HR Like a Boss!

Live Zoom Calls Covering all things HR

Think-through Sessions as Laws Change

Each Call has Live Q&A with Video if desired

Access to Replays of all Calls

SHRM & HRCI Recert Credits for each call

Join Boss Calls Today!

2 Calls per month

$299 per year!

Have you heard about the Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club?


Our ePoster Club Is Updated Monthly

All of the state, federal and local posters that your workplace is required to maintain for your employees.

With our ePoster Club, you can stay consistently compliant with various federal, state and local requirements.


With The Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club, Our Members Can...

  • Access digital copies of the most current federal, state, county, and city postings; languages include English and agency-translated Spanish (where applicable)
  • Find optional posters provided by your local authorities based on your industry without the hassle of digging through government websites
  • Receive automatic update and alerts regarding new postings whenever changes occur
  • Quickly find your local e-posters with our user-friendly interactive map featuring all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico



The Be Audit-Secure ePoster Club Is Easily Accessible To  Our Members, And Is A Big Help To Those Working Outside Your Official Locations


  • Click a state or territory on the map
  • Choose PDF from the list of posters
  • View and download the PDF
  • Upload to your intranet or email to your remote workers
  • Print copies of the posters and hang them in locked cases, laminate them, or attach them as-is to a bulletin board. Easy-Peasy!


Purchase the Be Audit Secure

ePoster Club

Purchase the entire United States for $299.00 per year

Purchase 1 State for $69.00 per year


Best investment my company ever made. Super responsive. Great information and working tools on their website. I would HIGHLY recommend signing up for Be Audit Secure

Wendy P

Thank you so much for all the work you have done for the Covid-19. I just recently joined and I am so glad I can ask a question and you answer back quickly even though I know you are getting thousands of questions. Having sample procedures, forms and policies has been outstanding!

Dianne t

Lisa and her staff have helped me so many times! They are always there to provide guidance and answers. Being so new at this HR game, I know for a fact that I could not made it this far with out them!

Bethany A

Lisa is amazing. The investment in Helpdesk is one of the best I've ever made for my business. Lisa has been amazing in this COVID crisis. Answers to my questions are quick and thorough. Thank you!

mauren M

Such a wonderful resource. I'm so thankful for all the information contained on this website and so appreciative of the quick and thorough answers to specific questions. Thank you!

Beth C

Thank you for always finding the right form I need when I cannot. Your prompt responses are greatly appreciated.

Laurie Y

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