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Employers and HR professionals face two main threats when working to maintain employment law compliance: Time and Money. Our tool-kits, applications and support services Help remedy both of these concerns so you can BE AUDIT-SECURE!

eLaws – Compliance Assessments and Guides

Deluxe members will step their way through the law using our assessments and guides for many of the most challenging employment laws you face daily.  We are adding new assessments on a regular basis.

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Policy and Procedure Library

Need a sample of a policy or procedure? No problem! We have a bank full of samples waiting for you in our Members Only Section. Just choose, modify, and use! Easy Peasy.

View a list of our policies and procedures.

SPHR – PHR Practice Exams

Our members said they want to sit for the PHR or SPHR, but would like to practice a bit first. We think that's a great idea. So, we took the suggestion and added practice exams to our Suite level Members Only section!

Learn more about PHR / SPHR certification

Micro-Learning Videos

Short informational videos are available on-demand in this Members Only Section. We even have stranger than fiction court cases that will give you a giggle if you're having a tough day. :-)

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Forms, Documents, Manuals, and more…

In our Members Only tool-kits, you will find over 1300 forms, documents, and handbooks. Our kits include templates along with forms required by many states for various activities.

FAQs, Hot Tips, and Best Practices

We have compiled hundreds (maybe thousands) of FAQs, Hot Tips, and Best Practices and placed them in each tool-kit. Our database is searchable by virtually any applicable keyword you choose.

Podcast Episodes Updated Weekly

Join Lisa and Mason each week for a lively discussion on the Hot HR Topic of the day and see if Gen-X and Millennial Human Resources professionals agree on the solutions!

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Micro-Webinars aka Popup Webinars

You have asked us for quick, to-the-point, presentations that give you what you need when you need it. Enjoy your Suite level - Members Only - Popup Micro-Webinars.

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Employee Handbook Creator

Our Suite level members enjoy the ability to create and store unlimited employee handbooks. As always, if you prefer to level up with a more customized version, our members get that for FREE!

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State and Federal Laws, Fact Sheets, Decisions, Determinations, and More…

No more digging through outdated government websites. In Suite, you will find hundreds of laws, determinations, opinion letters, fact sheets and many more documents that come straight from the lawmakers.

Live Q & A Feed

Every day we get questions from our members. So, we have removed the names (to protect the innocent) and posted them for Members Only along with our answers.

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Over 5000 Job Description Starter Titles

Looking for a job description starter? Members may search our extensive database of job titles and edit starter descriptions to fit specific needs. If you don't see what your looking for, all you need to do is ask!

See what our Starters can do for you!

e-Handbook for Employers

In our Suite level Members Only section, you will find an ever-expanding set of documents, videos, infographics and more which will help you navigate the basics of having employees.

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"Having a multitude of answers in one spot, I haven’t come across anything I wasn’t able to find."

Kristi P., Kansas

"Your website is really great. I appreciate the time you spend compiling all of this info. Thanks. "

Robert L., Ohio

"Subscribing to BeAuditSecure(.com) was the best thing that I’ve ever done for my company and they’ve helped and supported me countless times in the last year. I wouldn’t hesitate to renew every year. " 

Beverly R., Tennessee

                                                      I love your service! Best money I ever spent!

Allison N. , Arizona

"First things first. Thank you. After going to a Fred Pryor seminar, we purchased this set of programs to help get our business in order. We tried through the years to make things right, however, without a decent outline, it was a guessing game. That guessing game came to head around the first of the year when we were turned in by a disgruntled employee and had several agencies calling and harassing us. For months we struggled with finding the correct answers and eventually we did make it through the audits, but it was not fun. We found out that no matter how nice you are to your employees, they are happy to turn against you and use every advantage against us so we decided to protect ourselves and our livelihood. In the first 10 minutes of getting this setup, we have already gotten a Company manual, rules of engagement of an outline for protection of our company and our employees.  Again, thank you!"

Jim R. - Missouri

"The assortment of items that are covered is great. From wage garnishment help to the various topics in hot tips & FAQs to the webinars, it covers so many areas."

Serina N., Montana

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