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Always grateful for such quick and helpful responses. I rest much easier knowing these guys are in my corner.

Christopher W

Help Desk Suites has a large library of resources that are always being updated. The email blasts are succinct and on point. Questions are thoroughly answered, including sources, so very quickly. The support has been incredibly valuable to our company. Highly recommend.

deanne olson

I just used the Help Desk Support for an FMLA question and expected to hear back sometime tomorrow. I had an answer 5 minutes later. Wow! Not what I expected. It was the first time I used it but now I know where I will turn for my HR questions. Thank you!!

Susan M

Under Promise, Over Deliver is the norm for Lisa and the HelpDeskSuites team. I have full confidence that whenever I need good advice that it will be delivered. Thank you for your commitment to excellent services. I could not have asked for better.

Sam P

As always, Help Desk responds quickly and completely answers all my questions thoroughly. I am super impressed with Help Desk's ability to answer any and all questions that I ask. Doesn't matter what subject, I always get the answer I need.

marybeth brophy

very fast response and explanation easy to understand, which both are essential in such a fast paced HR World. Thank you so much!

Shannon P

While I try to research my own answers, it can be very difficult to find the specific, detailed info I need, mostly when it comes to state laws. "Lisa" has such an amazing way to break it down and make sure I'm getting the proper reference material, and very detailed answers. Best money I've ever spent!

Stacy C.

I'm not sure what I would have done without you! You are a Godsend. It is very hard to navigate the legal rules and regulations within the workforce especially if the HR is not your forte. HelpDesk Suite has helped me many times before and I strongly recommend having it especially if you cannot afford to have an HR person on staff full time.

Eva C

Turn around response time was fantastic and it provided clear next steps. Greatly appreciated.


Help Desk has been a wonderful tool and super helpful and always quick to respond. Thank you so much! A++

Stephanie B

Always get my answers right away! Lisa is amazing

Rosemary Hernandez

Fast and reliable answers to some difficult questions. So grateful my company allowed me to join!

Shawne M

As always, Lisa is my hero! Thank you for your expertise & prompt response. I can always count on you!

Gina M

I appreciate the timely response from the Help Desk Suites. Each and every time I put in a question, your response time is amazing. Thank you so much for your professionalism and answers to my immediate questions.

Miriam R

I've asked several questions and gotten quick answers with references to the pertaining laws. It's definitely a great investment!

Tonya M

Lisa Smith is the best!!!!! She answered me promptly, I am very thankful for that!

Silvia L.

We had some detailed questions about updating our Employee Handbook, specifically around Covid and marijuana. Lisa was very timely in giving us important information to inform our new policies. Thank you!

Christine S.

Great advice as always.

Meg M.

very quick and thorough answer. thanks so much.

Tonya M

Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. Allison

Allison Quach

I got a very quick response to my question with the exact information and resource I needed. Saved me a ton of time by NOT having to sort through misleading internet articles.

Allen I.

Answered my question completely and promptly. Very satisfied.

Lynn B

Thank You for your fast response. I will get started right away. I feel confident your support will be with me the whole way. Thank You.

Dee Dee P

I only recently started using Help Desk and am already so impressed with all of the resources it provides. Lisa Smith does an incredible job answering questions super quickly, provides additional follow-up information, and a simple way to find resources. Thank you!

Juliya C

Lisa was very helpful! Thank you for answering my question and the quick response!

Punky Kerr

I have really enjoyed having HelpDeskSuites. Having the ability to ask questions and get a timely response is simply fantastic. You not only get answers but you also get the supporting information to go along with it. Thanks Lisa.

Charlotte H.

Lisa was super helpful and diligent in getting me the answers I needed. It's nice to have someone confirm that you're following the proper processes.

Sandra F.


Shawne M.

Lisa is very helpful and always answers every question thoroughly and provides links to supports her answers. A great resource!!

Kathie K

Questions are answered in a timely manner and very descriptive. So helpful. Thank you!!!

Cassandra H

Thank you. I received your respose on time and fulfilled my need.

Lorena Serrano

My boss purchased this program a few years ago and it has been one of the most helpful programs she has invested in. I use it for so many things especially the I9 retention calculator. I really appreciate the "Ask a Question" feature it is so helpful when I cannot find the answer on my own. Thank you !!

Amanda Wright

My question was answered very quickly and thoroughly , thank you very much

Donna E

Thank you for your quick response! You are always helpful when I need advise.

Becky N

Help Desk gave me excellent guidance for a troubling WC issue . Response was quick, informative and thorough. What more could a one woman HR army ask for? Thank you Help Desk!

Shawne M

Fantastic support! Very timely replies and helpful!

Jamie G

I use HelpDeskSuites.com all the time, so thankful I found them. Questions answered quickly and sometimes I get links to references regarding my questions. Great Job. Thank you.

Gidget M

I am always impressed and grateful for Lisa's quick responses to my inquiries.

Sam Palomaria

This is the best gift my company has given me! Lisa is amazing. The content is always exactly what I need. And I am so grateful to have found this group!! Thank you.

Teri C

Thank you foe your quick response always, I appreciate your help I guiding me to getting my questions answered and taking the extra step in providing sources and articles!

Eleuteria Sanabria Guzman

Thank you got always answering my questions and sending me the source. Lisa is so helpful and responsive. Thank you!!

Eleuteria Sanabria Guzman

Lisa is the best. She is quick to respond and answers all of my questions. This aspect of the Help Desk alone makes it worth the purchase.

Meg M.

This site has been most helpful. It is my first 'go to' place for up to date information.

Myra Joyner

This is by far the best resource to have for a Business/HR ! Quick and very informative!

Tammie C

I joined the Boss Calls group this year and Lisa Smith has been invaluable. I am always on the calls and have never participated in one that I did not learn something new or found that there was an update for the topic/item. The library of information always has the documents that I need to send to an employee or to give me details on a ruling that I need. Lisa is always available for an email question or a phone call if necessary. Thank you so much for having this resource. Being in HR with all of the laws, rules and changes, you can never have too many resources that are in compliance and up to date.

Dianne Gold, CRG Corporatino

Lisa Smith has been more that helpful! I have just taken on HR roles and would be lost without her! Thank you Lisa

Cheryl S

What a great help HelpDeskSuites.com has been. I've been doing HR for over 30 years, but nothing prepared me for COVID. Every couple of years I go take a class just to see if I'm missing anything. I talked my boss into the expense of Help Desk long before I knew it would be so very valuable. Not only have I learned from their webinars and direct contact (great response by the way), but I have found using the facebook forum to be a great way to get more than one idea. The value is 100 times the cost!

Penny A.

Such an incredible resource!

Tara T

I have been in charge of HR for small companies for over 30 years. Help desk always keeps me up to date with the new legal requirements, especially with California guidelines, often missing from other companies. Often questions asked by others are things I would like to know as well. Boss Calls Has been very helpful in dealing with the Covid mess.

Penny A

I love this site so much! Everytime we come up with an HR issue all I have to do is send an email, and I have the correct answer within a day. No muss, no fuss, and beyond helpful. I can't begin to tell you how much time this has saved me, in addition to making sure I am meeting the latest HR requirements for my state.

Susan W>
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