Please share your experience with HelpDeskSuites.com and our Support Staff

Lisa is a game changer. I manage 200 employees on my own and sleep better at night knowing I have someone to ask a question. She is so responsive. This service pays for itself many times over.

Christopher W  | 

Questions with CO State Laws on wage withholdings. Did a great job finding me the resources and answering my questions. Lisa always gives me a peace of mind! Thanks for all the help you provide to others!

Alyssa P  | 

Every time I ask a question, I get an answer very quickly. Very much appreciated!

Celina S  | 

Always helpful. Always teaching. I appreciate Lisa and this site so much.

Susan D  | 

Lisa gives good advice and she is timely. Her service is one of the best investments a one-person HR department can make.

Sam P  | 

I've found the resources and support available through HelpDeskSuites.com to be thorough, helpful, and responsive! I regularly lean on this website and the supporting teammates for guidance. Keep up the great work!

Michal C.  | 

answer was quick, to the point, and very clear. thanks!

Tonya M  | 

Very helpful and timely information. Thank you so much!!

Rgraham  | 

This is the best all-in-one resource for new and senior HR professionals. Lisa and her team are the best. I'm so glad to be a member of HelpDesk.

Dena H  | 

I love the comprehensive and succinct answers to my questions. I live outside of the US and have limited exposure to workplace regulations.
The answers I receive help me maintain my organizational status of 'Queen of HR'.

Marianne Harper  | 

Help Desk is awesome!! They understand my questions and answer right away, Their Help is wonderful

Michelle M.  | 

You can't go wrong with this service! I am the owner of a small business that doesn't have a dedicated HR staff. Every situation, every question and every single time I contact Lisa for help I always get more than I expect. Fast, clear, concise and understandable answers I can trust with advice from experience that is invaluable. I direct everyone who asks about HR to this service. A 'MUST HAVE' for all your HR needs.

Lisa K  | 

This site has been a lifesaver! There are so many HR issues in CA, and each time a have a question I get a clear answer within 1 day. It's very helpful to be able to give my employers the right answer. This helps me to do my job correctly without having to go down the rabbit hole of Google searching. Thank you so much!!

Susan W.  | 

Helpdesk for HR has been an essential tool for me as I've taken on HR responsibilities with my organization. Lisa has been extremely accessible and is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need. Thanks for everything!

Will M  | 

So grateful for Support Staff at HelpDeskSuites.com. Always quick to respond with professional support.

Sheila K  | 

I am new to HR Management and Lisa and her team have helped me so much! I feel equipped to handle processes and questions thrown my way. If I don't know the answer to something, I simply ask and I'm provided with advice to solve it. This service is an asset to any small business!

Emelie G.  | 

Such great support, they were able to answer my question in a timely manner.

Grace B.  | 

Lisa and the HelpDesk support staff have provided prompt assistance every time a complicated issue came up. I'm so happy I invested in this membership. Being an HR department of one, I feel better knowing that I can always count on Lisa to help me. I highly recommend this membership.

Dena H  | 

I am brand new to the HelpDesk and to my role in HR and this was my first question. Lisa answered me very quickly and provided clear answers with support instructions which was must helpful. I'm sure there will be many questions to come! Thank you!

Terri D  | 

HelpDeskSuites is an incredible resource for our company. I have yet to find a subject that I require assistance with that hey haven't covered. And in the event that I am still struggling to understand or need further clarification, the support staff is just an email away. The support staff is very quick to respond to my questions and they do so in a way that is easy to understand . Cannot say enough about the usefulness of this resource. The peace of mind it has given me just knowing they are there has been priceless.

Gerald Bleakley  | 

I always receive great advice and guidance with supporting evidence. It helps reassure myself and my superiors. I also enjoy every single feature with the deluxe suites and the new updates and additions. I have three other platforms I can use to receive guidance ,however, this one is my favorite! Thank you!

Samantha S  | 

I was amazed at your quick response. I had been digging around on the internet trying to find the correct State verses Federal outcome for my situation. I should have thought to contact you immediately and saved myself time and frustration. Thank you.

Nancy S  | 

Lisa is terrific and very thorough. I love the details provided. Much appreciated.

Marianne H  | 

This is my first time using this service and I am very impressed with the quick turnaround and thorough information. Thanks so much.

Marianne H  | 

So grateful for HelpDeskSuites and the support staff! Quickly to respond and very knowledgeable!

Sheila K  | 

The amount of resources you have on the site is so fantastic. The questionnaire box is worth more than the entire cost of the platform. Life Long customer for sure!!

Lisa P  | 

Thank you so much 🙂 your answers are always cited from sources which our directors and employees greatly appreciate it.

Laura Aguirre  | 

The response to my question was answered quickly and fully. Thanks!

Constance W  | 

As a 1-person HR dept, I truly am grateful for HelpDeskSuites & staff. Lisa, as always, is my guru! Thank you!

Gina M  | 

I appreciate you Lisa so much!!! You always have a quick response! Happy 4th of July!

Becky N  | 

I had a question regarding an employee that my CEO asked our company attorney about but had yet to hear back from and Lisa responded almost immediately! I received a very clear and precise email with great feedback and suggestions. I'll definitely be using HelpDesk for HR in the future for any HR questions I have! Thank you!

Jessica L  | 

Help Desk Suites, Lisa and her team have been so kind and helpful!! I honestly don't think I could have made it in HR without them! So grateful for this resource.

Sarah S.  | 

THANK YOU, yet again! You're awesome!

Becky N  | 

Lisa responds so quickly and so appreciate this. There are so many times I think I know what to do and am so grateful for the guidance from Lisa!

Becky N  | 

I would not do HR work if I didn't have Helpdesk Suites as a resource. They are a constant guide to help through the random and crazy situations that come up. They have the latest information and are super quick to respond. SO grateful that I was connected to this resource. Thank you for all that you do!

Juliya C.  | 

Always grateful for such quick and helpful responses. I rest much easier knowing these guys are in my corner.

Christopher W  | 

Help Desk Suites has a large library of resources that are always being updated. The email blasts are succinct and on point. Questions are thoroughly answered, including sources, so very quickly. The support has been incredibly valuable to our company. Highly recommend.

deanne olson  | 

I just used the Help Desk Support for an FMLA question and expected to hear back sometime tomorrow. I had an answer 5 minutes later. Wow! Not what I expected. It was the first time I used it but now I know where I will turn for my HR questions. Thank you!!

Susan M  | 

Under Promise, Over Deliver is the norm for Lisa and the HelpDeskSuites team. I have full confidence that whenever I need good advice that it will be delivered. Thank you for your commitment to excellent services. I could not have asked for better.

Sam P  | 

As always, Help Desk responds quickly and completely answers all my questions thoroughly. I am super impressed with Help Desk's ability to answer any and all questions that I ask. Doesn't matter what subject, I always get the answer I need.

marybeth brophy  | 

very fast response and explanation easy to understand, which both are essential in such a fast paced HR World. Thank you so much!

Shannon P  | 

While I try to research my own answers, it can be very difficult to find the specific, detailed info I need, mostly when it comes to state laws. "Lisa" has such an amazing way to break it down and make sure I'm getting the proper reference material, and very detailed answers. Best money I've ever spent!

Stacy C.  | 

I'm not sure what I would have done without you! You are a Godsend. It is very hard to navigate the legal rules and regulations within the workforce especially if the HR is not your forte. HelpDesk Suite has helped me many times before and I strongly recommend having it especially if you cannot afford to have an HR person on staff full time.

Eva C  | 

Turn around response time was fantastic and it provided clear next steps. Greatly appreciated.

M P  | 

Help Desk has been a wonderful tool and super helpful and always quick to respond. Thank you so much! A++

Stephanie B  | 

Always get my answers right away! Lisa is amazing

Rosemary Hernandez  | 

Fast and reliable answers to some difficult questions. So grateful my company allowed me to join!

Shawne M  | 

As always, Lisa is my hero! Thank you for your expertise & prompt response. I can always count on you!

Gina M  | 

I appreciate the timely response from the Help Desk Suites. Each and every time I put in a question, your response time is amazing. Thank you so much for your professionalism and answers to my immediate questions.

Miriam R  | 

I've asked several questions and gotten quick answers with references to the pertaining laws. It's definitely a great investment!

Tonya M  | 

Lisa Smith is the best!!!!! She answered me promptly, I am very thankful for that!

Silvia L.  | 

We had some detailed questions about updating our Employee Handbook, specifically around Covid and marijuana. Lisa was very timely in giving us important information to inform our new policies. Thank you!

Christine S.  | 

Great advice as always.

Meg M.  | 

very quick and thorough answer. thanks so much.

Tonya M  | 

Thanks for the information. It was very helpful. Allison

Allison Quach  | 

I got a very quick response to my question with the exact information and resource I needed. Saved me a ton of time by NOT having to sort through misleading internet articles.

Allen I.  | 

Answered my question completely and promptly. Very satisfied.

Lynn B  | 

Thank You for your fast response. I will get started right away. I feel confident your support will be with me the whole way. Thank You.

Dee Dee P  | 

I only recently started using Help Desk and am already so impressed with all of the resources it provides. Lisa Smith does an incredible job answering questions super quickly, provides additional follow-up information, and a simple way to find resources. Thank you!

Juliya C  | 

Lisa was very helpful! Thank you for answering my question and the quick response!

Punky Kerr  | 

I have really enjoyed having HelpDeskSuites. Having the ability to ask questions and get a timely response is simply fantastic. You not only get answers but you also get the supporting information to go along with it. Thanks Lisa.

Charlotte H.  | 

Lisa was super helpful and diligent in getting me the answers I needed. It's nice to have someone confirm that you're following the proper processes.

Sandra F.  | 


Shawne M.  | 

Lisa is very helpful and always answers every question thoroughly and provides links to supports her answers. A great resource!!

Kathie K  | 

Questions are answered in a timely manner and very descriptive. So helpful. Thank you!!!

Cassandra H  | 

Thank you. I received your respose on time and fulfilled my need.

Lorena Serrano  | 

My boss purchased this program a few years ago and it has been one of the most helpful programs she has invested in. I use it for so many things especially the I9 retention calculator. I really appreciate the "Ask a Question" feature it is so helpful when I cannot find the answer on my own. Thank you !!

Amanda Wright  | 

My question was answered very quickly and thoroughly , thank you very much

Donna E  | 

Thank you for your quick response! You are always helpful when I need advise.

Becky N  | 

Help Desk gave me excellent guidance for a troubling WC issue . Response was quick, informative and thorough. What more could a one woman HR army ask for? Thank you Help Desk!

Shawne M  | 

Fantastic support! Very timely replies and helpful!

Jamie G  | 

I use HelpDeskSuites.com all the time, so thankful I found them. Questions answered quickly and sometimes I get links to references regarding my questions. Great Job. Thank you.

Gidget M  | 

I am always impressed and grateful for Lisa's quick responses to my inquiries.

Sam Palomaria  | 

This is the best gift my company has given me! Lisa is amazing. The content is always exactly what I need. And I am so grateful to have found this group!! Thank you.

Teri C  | 

Thank you foe your quick response always, I appreciate your help I guiding me to getting my questions answered and taking the extra step in providing sources and articles!

Eleuteria Sanabria Guzman  | 

Thank you got always answering my questions and sending me the source. Lisa is so helpful and responsive. Thank you!!

Eleuteria Sanabria Guzman  | 

Lisa is the best. She is quick to respond and answers all of my questions. This aspect of the Help Desk alone makes it worth the purchase.

Meg M.  | 

This site has been most helpful. It is my first 'go to' place for up to date information.

Myra Joyner  | 

This is by far the best resource to have for a Business/HR ! Quick and very informative!

Tammie C  | 

I joined the Boss Calls group this year and Lisa Smith has been invaluable. I am always on the calls and have never participated in one that I did not learn something new or found that there was an update for the topic/item. The library of information always has the documents that I need to send to an employee or to give me details on a ruling that I need. Lisa is always available for an email question or a phone call if necessary. Thank you so much for having this resource. Being in HR with all of the laws, rules and changes, you can never have too many resources that are in compliance and up to date.

Dianne Gold, CRG Corporatino  | 

Lisa Smith has been more that helpful! I have just taken on HR roles and would be lost without her! Thank you Lisa

Cheryl S  | 

What a great help HelpDeskSuites.com has been. I've been doing HR for over 30 years, but nothing prepared me for COVID. Every couple of years I go take a class just to see if I'm missing anything. I talked my boss into the expense of Help Desk long before I knew it would be so very valuable. Not only have I learned from their webinars and direct contact (great response by the way), but I have found using the facebook forum to be a great way to get more than one idea. The value is 100 times the cost!

Penny A.  | 

Such an incredible resource!

Tara T  | 

I have been in charge of HR for small companies for over 30 years. Help desk always keeps me up to date with the new legal requirements, especially with California guidelines, often missing from other companies. Often questions asked by others are things I would like to know as well. Boss Calls Has been very helpful in dealing with the Covid mess.

Penny A  | 

I love this site so much! Everytime we come up with an HR issue all I have to do is send an email, and I have the correct answer within a day. No muss, no fuss, and beyond helpful. I can't begin to tell you how much time this has saved me, in addition to making sure I am meeting the latest HR requirements for my state.

Susan W>  | 

Thank you so much. Your help is amazing. your service is amazing!!!!

Kathie K  | 

It was my first time to ask a question through "have a question." The response was fast, and the information answered my question.

Don P  | 

HelpDeskSuites is one of the best investments our company has ever made. Each time I contact the Help Desk with a question, they email me with the answer within a day (usually Lisa herself). What a wonderful resource they are! Considering the issues facing human resources nowadays, I could not afford to be without them!

Allison N  | 

I sent my first question in last night and a detailed answer came back in no time. I am so glad to have subscribed to HelpDesk

Katie D.  | 

Thank you for answering my question. The answer was what I thought it would be, but we just wanted to make sure. Again it was great to get it from a lawyer.

Michelle H  | 

I have to admit, I did not use this resource as much until COVID hit. I would occasionally search for things, but interaction was limited, until COVID. The staff and Lisa are amazing at responding. The information provided always clears up any questions I might have. I am so glad I purchased this and joined the Facebook page. It has saved me a dozen of times. The members are also quick to respond on the Facebook page. By far one of the best resources I have ever invested in.

Mary E  | 

I just wanted to thank you for your Seminar on HR this week. Just starting in HR and being very green to the process, I truly enjoyed your seminar and loved the guest speakers that presented. I downloaded the HelpDesk Suites and I have already started using it to develop an updated Handbook for our company and updated Job Descriptions. Before this class I did not know anything about this application, me and my husband came up with job roles and job descriptions for every position in our company. My father is the owner and we have about 30 employees. This resource has already helped me tremendously, and I cannot wait to dive in further for Payroll Law and other things that I am doing within the organization. I apologize for the wordiness, but I just wanted to say thank you. I was engaged throughout your entire class and I have taken a lot from the class and started to run with it within our organization.

Mary  | 

I am so grateful for this software. Quick answers to my questions along with links to give me more knowledge on the subjects in questions.

Gidget M  | 

Lisa is AMAZING - I've asked several questions over the past year and each time I receive a very quick response (within a day, within the hour), clear and concise. On the occasion when I've had follow-up questions, the response was received just as quickly and my questions were resolved. Without the benefit of a qualified HR person on staff, I feel more confident in decision-making and taking action having the benefit of this resource with Help Desk Suites Deluxe. Many Thanks, Lisa!

Leona K  | 

Contacted HelpDesk Suits with a question, and less than hour I got a response. Still looking and "playing" with all the great information that is available. I'm really happy I made the decision to purchase this. It's going to be a GIANT help.

Suzi Arentz  | 

I had a random question about collections and credit and how to write a letter cancelling credit , Lisa emailed me back almost immediately with some helpful links. They have helped anytime I have asked.

TAM G  | 

HELPDESK is the BEST tool we have in our company! It never fails to get us the answers we need and FAST! I love the "Ask an Attorney"!! Thank you!!

Tina A  | 

Helpful and reassuring. Thanks

Pam B.  | 

Hi Lisa, Thank you for all you’re doing and the quick responses. I’m new to Help Desk Suite (but also brand new to HR) and this is my first Boss Call but I am VERY pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I’m looking forward to the webinar and am sure it will be full of useful information that me and my employer desperately need right now as we have just had our first positive case in the building. I am the HR department with my employer and my only formal training is a one-semester certification course with a local community college so these resources are proving to be VERY helpful. Thanks again.

Shannon K.  | 

This has been so instrumental in keeping us on track. We got this in February and would not have made it through COVID-19 with the tremendous support from this site. Lisa Smith is awesome.

Dianne T  | 

Help Desk answered my question fast and has helped me clarify what i am reading during these very confusing time. Thank God for Help desk Suites!!!

Natosha T  | 

Lisa, I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much I appreciate you and this platform. Though I am new to HelpDesk Suites, I have been hearing about it for months. I have taken about five HR classes through Fred Pryor and in every class the instructor raved about how good, useful and essential HelpDesk is to HR professionals. I was finally able to convince a member of the executive team to purchase a membership and am super stoked about how much more we’ll be able to accomplish. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the HR Law in the World of COVID webinar and your segment was one of the highlights for me. My family and I have played one of the listening games that you recommended. To my surprise they said, “Mommy let’s play the Yes And game AND they wanted to play the sentence game again!” I’m looking forward to taking advantage of as many tools available and developing my skills and increasing my knowledge in this new world of HR. Thank you! Ebony - Hungry HR Newbie

Ebony W.  | 

I sent a question to the the HelpDesk and got an answer in a few short minutes. This was my first time using it and I am well pleased. This is a great resource to have.

Charlotte H.  | 

ABSOLUTELY love HelpDesk! This is the best investment our company has made! It is like having an extra HR team to help you stay compliant and audit secure! The ask a lawyer option is convenient and fast! You will not be sorry investing in this product!

Tina A  | 

The level of knowledge, experience, personal responses, and valid guidance is of the highest order! As an executive director of a small nonprofit wearing many "hats this service has been invaluable at assisting me with working through the many and varied HR, Labor, and legal forests. Thank you!

Richard T  | 

As usual your reply is very helpful. The level of appreciation I have for you and HelpDeskSuites is very high. As a small nonprofit school with many nuances being connected to the world of labor and its complexity through your team is incredibly valuable. Thank you.

Rick T  | 

You all are doing awesome!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

meagan  | 

my experience has been amazing with helpdesk! cant imagine life without 🙂 Lisa has been wonderfu!

Rhonda Lombardo  | 

Was very helpful.

Pam B.  | 

Very Helpful

Pam Burke  | 

I asked a question, Lisa answered, then I had a follow up question and she answered again. Also attached documentation to back up her answers. SUPER HELPFUL!

Pam Burke  | 

We received a recommendation during a Fred Pryor seminar to purchase this software. In the short time we have had this software, it has been well worth the money. The Employee Handbook creator made the process easy . The HR professionals answer all questions quick and have tons of information. Overall, it was a great purchase.

Jamie E  | 

This service has been invaluable as I work to navigate the many and varied nuances of administering our nonprofit school. The responses are timely and thoughtful. The citations are valid and to the point. Thank you. Rick

Richard T  | 

Thank you so much! I have had HelpDeskSuites for less than a month and have only begun to tap into its resources. However, I have emailed twice now with questions and the response was quick and friendly. I think this is going to be one of my best investments ever! Great job, HelpDesk!

Cindy B.  | 

Help Desk is always there for me , how can I not love them!!

Elizabeth G  | 

I’m “new” to HR this is my 14th month so I already feel like I don’t know enough but the knowledge and expertise that I receive from Lisa and her amazing team is absolutely immeasurable. The HelpDeskSuites always has the answers I’m looking for and if they don’t they help me find them.

Melissa B  | 

I'm a new Boss member and do not know how I managed before. Lisa and her team have been so helpful. Lisa never lets on that I have a asked a stupid question, which I am sure I have done. With all the information out there right now regarding COVID-19, it is very helpful to have a place to go to that can sort through that information for you and break it down to where it is understandable. She and her team have made my job and life so much easier. If you not a member, you should be! You are really missing out.

Gina N.  | 

I just activated our HelpDesk Deluxe Suite today, and sent an email for guidance on a topic I was unsure about and couldn't find anything pertaining to it in the FAQ. I got a same day response that was helpful and provided additional resources, one day in and so far I'm very pleased!

Michal C.  | 

This service is great! Got an answer to my question in less than 4 hours.

Chris M  | 

I am very thankful in finding HelpDeskSuites and utilizing all their resources. I belong to a couple other HR organizations and by far HelpDeskSuites surpasses in customer service and answering questions. You all have been very helpful in this time of crisis. Thank you!!

Kim Crawford  | 

Since joining HelpDesk a year ago, I have found them to be very helpful. Questions to help get it right the first time save so much time and money. A great resource to have in your pocket!

Penny A;  | 

Lisa and her teams support is over the top. I appreciate the rapid responses and accurate information.

Camarah.M  | 

Lisa is phenomenal! She always provides prompt responses with links for reference. Thank you!!

Lacy L  | 

I can not express enough the value "be audit secure" and the staff have brought to our company. If you have ever thought of joining this wonderful company, now is the time to invest. Even in this down turn. Money best spent this year. Thank you again for all your support.

Vicky C  | 

I absolutely love all of the webinars that are offered. I learn so much from just watching those videos!

Holly Marie Keeton  | 

Extremely responsive, very helpful and up-to-date information.

Tim S  | 

There is nothing 5 stars 10 stars 1000 stars can express how grateful we are . Being a company of such number of employees finding resources is hard, and you are always there, available every time I need you. I commend your efforts now in such a time when we have needed you the most...I will totally not forget your commitment to us now in this difficult times....I will forever support your business as much as it is possible for us.

Lissette S.  | 

There are so many people who get thrown into an HR position with no knowledge of what to do or where to start. THIS IS WHERE TO START! All of the resources you could dream of are in HelpDesk Suite Deluxe. Lisa, and her team, are an invaluable resource to all of us in this HR community. We would be lost without this product, and this team who keeps it up-to-date and accurate. Thank you for all you do to support us!!

Stephanie C.  | 

I LOVE this software. The contact submission option is my favorite part thus far with so many legal ramifications needing to be considered. They are quick to answer my questions and always provide applicable references to laws and regulations. I think this program would be a valuable and necessary resource to any and all small businesses!

Tabitha S.  | 

This has been the most valuable resource to me during this challenging time. In January I took my first HR course with Pryor to learn how to help my husband run our growing business. We had added several self managing benefits and I was the manager. I am a biologist with no prior experience. I subscribed to HelpDesk during the HR course and let it sit for "when I have free time." Well now I am scrambling to learn how to take care of employees and protect us and our business at the same time. I could not have learned what I have by searching and googling for answers. Thank you Lisa for everything I have managed to learn in a short period of time. We appreciate the support and knowledge we will continue to get so we can ride this out!

Sandy G.  | 

HelpDeskSuites Deluxe has always been helpful, but especially so now, during the rapid changes occurring due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rebecca L.  | 

Best investment my company ever made. Super responsive. Great information and working tools on their website. I would HIGHLY recommend signing up for Be Audit Secure

Wendy P  | 

I have been a member of Help Desk Suites for a little over a year now. I have been in HR/PR for a little over a year now. I would be totally lost right now if I didn't have Help Desk Suites. If I have more specific questions I have the ability to e-mail Help Desk Suites for an answer or post the question on Facebook in the Compliance Warriors Support Group. The networking, the camaraderie, the amount of information that is EASILY available at my fingertips, and the sense of knowing I am not alone in my HR journey is absolutely priceless. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Melissa B  | 

Thank you so much for all the work you have done for the Covid-19. I just recently joined and I am so glad I can ask a question and you answer back quickly even though I know you are getting thousands of questions. Having sample procedures, forms and policies has been outstanding!

Dianne t  | 

Lisa and her staff have helped me so many times! They are always there to provide guidance and answers. Being so new at this HR game, I know for a fact that I could not made it this far with out them!

Bethany A  | 

Lisa is amazing. The investment in Helpdesk is one of the best I've ever made for my business. Lisa has been amazing in this COVID crisis. Answers to my questions are quick and thorough. Thank you!

mauren M  | 

Thank you so much for your help!

Erika Ramirez  | 

Quick turnaround. Answer was clear and easily understood. Great experience!

IoanA  | 

Such a wonderful resource. I'm so thankful for all the information contained on this website and so appreciative of the quick and thorough answers to specific questions. Thank you!

Beth C  | 

Thank you for always finding the right form I need when I cannot. Your prompt responses are greatly appreciated.

Laurie Y  | 

Lisa is so awesome in not only does she respond to my questions in the same day but responds within the hour as on my last incident. Don't find this kind of customer service at too many places and she is very helpful in finding the answers for me.

Roger M  | 

I want to thank you sincerely not only for your fast response, but for also being my guide to discover were I truly want to be. 
I was the Recruiter for my current company up until 2019 when I was promoted to be an Employee Relations Coordinator in training to work and train alongside the HR Director. 
I knew minimum of the field, but I was so excited and ready to learn. (Becareful what you ask for.)
In the same week of my promotion ready to learn, the HR Director, HR Assistant, Benefits Manager jumped ships, without warning. I was left with a new internally promoted recruiter to train with no experience. 
I attempted to keep the department afloat as we have other stores to keep running smoothly and did't want them to be penalized.
Rewind a bit further, a few months before they all left, I attended a Fred Pryor seminar and was present with the Help Desk Suites. It was love at first sight, that I came back to the office and asked the HR Director to approve. She was a bit hesitant, but when I told her I would purchase out of pocket because I soley believed it would be useful, she approved it. It was almost like her parting gift without me even knowing it.
Let me tell you, the Help Desk Delux and the podcasts Small business spoonfuls, (which I miss and hope they come back soon) has been my salvation. It has guided me to provide best case options. Our company went through a lot last year, or maybe it felt that way with me handling the problems. 
One of the biggest saviors was advice with I-9's. We began our own audit and discovered a mess and started working on them to correct them. Needless to say months later, we had an ICE audit. I was so worried because I was unsure if we did the corrections correctly or not, but we had all I9's in place have not heard back from them over 7 months now. 
I can not thank you enough Lisa, for letting me find my passion. I am studing to test for the PHR towards the end of the year, and I just wanted to thank you for being that guide I needed to find what I truly enjoy doing. 

Liz  | 

So far so good! I am very excited about this service!

Amy W  | 

I contacted Lisa with a complicated issue. She was very helpful and patient to make sure she understood my questions. She gave me comprehensive answers and now I know exactly what I need to do! Thank you!

Grace L  | 

Hello Lisa, You are an awesome instructor! I enjoyed your style and your knowledge has prepared me for my new role at my organization.

Lynn F  | 

Had a question about I-9 and E Verify paperwork and how to store the forms? Lisa was back with GREAT information. Thanks for the advice.

Clint M  | 

Lisa and her team are fast on the feet...they get the job done right and get back to you right away with an answer. Thank you! YOU ALL ROCK!!

Cynthia A Wagner  | 

I am so incredibly happy that my employer signed up for this service. Lisa has been so helpful and super responsive to all of my questions. I would HIGHLY recommend this service for any company

Wendy P  | 

Very fast answers, all the forms you could ask for, and a great customer/HR staff to help. Thank you Help Desk and a special thanks to Lisa Smith!

Dan W  | 

My question was answered promptly and thoroughly! This has been a huge help! Thank you so much!

Misty T  | 

I feel like I can't thank HelpDeskSuites and their support staff enough. I am new to my HR position and learn new things every day. They have been so diligent in responding to all of my questions with ample resources to verify their information. I have been able to find a lot of my answers online through their website but the support staff is incredibly helpful especially when I am dealing with time sensitive questions. I would buy HelpDeskSuites just for the diligent support staff. All of the other perks of having HelpDesk are bonuses!

Briana C  | 

Started using help desk a few months back. Wish I found it sooner. This site has been a life changer. So much useful information. The Question sections is so helpful. They reply very fast with an answer and reference for the answer. Would recommend to anyone in HR or running there own business.

Anna K  | 

The first time I came across with this membership program, was at seminar my previous employer sent me to... and I will forever be grateful for that. I definitely proposed to my manager for us to get the membership, after reviewing all the great tools and resources I totally felt a lot more secure and confident as an HR. I just recently joined a new company and before I even started I decided get the membership and pay for it because I knew that it was well worth it, besides it is now mine and only mine... I will now be able to take it with me anywhere I go to :). Thank you very much!

Elizabeth G  | 

Always get a quick response! Just love the ease of communication on the site and with the support staff. Has saved me many sleepless nights and hours of research and frustration. THANK YOU!

Pam.parker@oaktranscription.com  | 

Thank you Lisa for the prompt response to my question. It was very helpful.

Marijo P  | 

The Help Desk Support and Lisa Smith have been so awesome! It's already paid for it's self with one question answered and believe me I 'm going to have a ton more! Thank you !

Tammera H  | 

As always, you have answered my questions COMPLETELY and THOROUGHLY including links & literature to back up your answers in more detail. I just LOVE you guys.

Marybeth Brophy  | 

The help I have received has been so helpful and it is always very appreciated. Thank you.

Katheia D.  | 

I couldn't recommend this partnership more. Lisa & the team are always available, and always seem to have an answer that makes sense. When they don't have the answer (rare) they know exactly what direction to point me in. Again, I could not be more satisfied!!! Todd

Todd S  | 

I recently attended a payroll law seminar offered through Fred Pryor Seminars. Part of the promotional materials included this service. I am extremely pleased with the materials and the quick response when I submit a question via the "Ask a Question" service. I am conducting audits and am very pleased with the service.

Shawn S.  | 

Here I am now. Almost 2 years into this position, and all I can say it’s the best decision I ever made. My supervisor sent me to Pryor seminar where I became aware of ‘Help Desk Suites’. It has honestly been the best, most helpful, resource I’ve come across. I can honestly say our company has really benefited from this tool. We were in major need of updating our company policies which is something the Help Desk made very easy and convenient. I feel like since then we’ve grown as a company where everything seems to be dealt with more organized as to where before, we weren’t sure if we were dealing with situations the right way. Help Desk has helped my company and myself become more confident in decisions making. Personally it has helped me grow as person because whenever I have doubts, help desk has been my go to resource to continue my learning experience in this area where I came in not knowing a single thing. I can continue my learning experience day by day by the constant blog posts they provide on their website, which I find very helpful.

Magaly C.  | 

We used compliance help desk to help us make sure how we compensate our adjusters for on call hours is compliant with labor laws. The input and advise from Help Desk staff gave us the guidance we needed to make some changes to our program to make our program so there is no question we are compliant now. It is also more user friendly to both our staff and customers with the changes we implemented. We appreciate having Help Desk to reach out to when questions like this come up.

Roberta A.  | 

There is no greater resource for the price!!! Lisa and her team of experts have a wealth of knowledge and insight. Questions about serious issues or 'no-brainers' are answered with clarity and come with resources to confirm the findings. In the world of HR where the changes seem to happen faster than you can keep up with HelpDesk makes it possible to stay on top of your game!

Carl D.  | 

I appreciate your help so much! Your answers are thorough and response time is phenomenal!!! THANK YOU!!

Becky N  | 

I thank God every time I use HelpDesk Suite. In my job, I am stand alone HR person with very little experience so I don't have anyone to ask. Now, I use this program and they respond to me so fast with important information that I need to know and use. It has paid for itself within the first 3 days of purchase. I can't recommend it enough.

Lorisa R.  | 

Thank you for the quick response! The answer was very clear and detailed! So looking forward to using Be Audit Secure more!!

Becky N  | 

Lisa @ Help Desk sent me links to answer my questions.

Cindee Nelson / Ray Carlson & Associates, Inc.  | 

I really appreciate the help and guidance! I was all alone in this new HR world and now I have you. I don’t feel so alone anymore.

Lorisa R.  | 

Great help. Never a time that their response hasn’t been in a quick manner. Always available to help and get me the information needed.

Thomas J  | 

Be Audit Secure was recommended at a Fred Pryor training I went to a few years ago and I believe it is one of the best recommendations I have ever received.

JoAnna J.  | 

I can not express how helpful this has been for me. I am able to get responses extremely fast, personalized with AMAZING customer service!! You guys are a life saver!

Victoria  | 

I just want you to know how thankful I am for you Lisa! I listened to an old coworker last night at dinner. She moved up into a position at her current company where she shares a little HR responsibilities with the owner. I listened to her HR nightmare situations and really a lot of it is the company putting themselves into these positions (seriously, they are a what not to do company). Then she was telling me about outsourcing her HR because no one has time to do the research and no one wants to own the responsibility. I can't tell you enough how really thankful I am for this group. Thank you for giving me a place that I can come and bounce ideas off and get new insights on things. Thank you for giving me peace of mind to know that at the end of the day I have done everything in my power to keep my company HR compliant and out of hot water. I don't think I could say that with the HR company she uses. It made me cringe.

Melissa  | 

You are so fast and actually take time to read an entire email!!! One more request, big big request. Stay at your job until I leave mine. Which hopefully be for years to come. 😊

Sam P.  | 

I love having the Help Desk staff to bounce ideas off of! thanks for being here =)

Katie  | 

Thank you for the response!! This is exactly the direction I provided. I was challenged by them (management) and that is why I reached out to confirm. Thank you so much for always assisting and providing guidance.

Liz C.  | 

I finally finished and published my first employee handbook last week! I do what to say that you were such a big help Lisa Barton Smith! You were able to answer some of my most ridiculous questions and I really appreciate it. ...Bottom line we are out of 2004 with our handbook and into 2019! My intention is to review it at least annually to keep it current.

Melissa B.  | 

I have only been a subscriber to the Help Desk Suites for a few weeks and already pleased with the investment and customer service you offer. The two times I have asked questions were each met with quicker responses than anticipated. Thank You!

Sam P.  | 

The service that HelpDesk Support provides is wonderful! Thank you!

Lenore L  | 

Thank you for the information you sent. I actually do listen to the podcast usually on my way to work… and honestly I love them. I have gain a lot of important information, now I have to figure out how to start implementing all the advice and guidance I find both in the website and the podcast. Our company as a whole has the need to improve in so many areas; that I don’t even know where to start or how to get my team to understand the importance of being Audit Secure.

Elizabeth G  | 

I emailed a question about sexual harassment and a response was sent to me in less than an hour. It was the answer I was looking for. It helped me completely.

Ashley W  | 

I am new to HR and have lots of questions. In the past we had a director of personnel but not a HR department, so this is new to all of us. The weekly tips and the updates are informative, but the specific answers to my questions have helped more than I can say! Lisa and the team are quick to assist and I am most grateful.

Krista D  | 

Thank you so much. Your service is wonderful!

Viktoria M.  | 

I don't have an HR background, only the required classes for my BS so I'm always researching for information when something comes up in regards to HR. I find that HelpDesk is more beneficial to me than SHRM and the ability to contact Lisa and her team, ask a question, and get almost immediate answers makes them number 1 for me. I trust them to point me in the right direction and clarify anything that I'm not sure about. I think there's always room for improvement and growth in anything so I could probably go through and nitpick the site but that's all it would be, nitpicking, and I have no reason to do that.

Anonymous via Customer Satisfaction Survey  | 

The value of Help Desk is very important to me and I look forward to making more time to access what you have to offer. Thank you!

Carole K.  | 

I have been more than impressed with the help and knowledge I've received.....and in such a timely manner! It has given me the "ammo" needed to argue with management when a particular practice was in question. Worth every penny to invest in. I know you'll be just as happy as I am that you have placed your faith in Lisa. (Nice to have this "ace" in your pocket!)

Sandy D.  | 

Love the fast answers and the reference with it

Tara M  | 

Thank you so much for all the great work you guys are doing.

Anita V.  | 

So many laws to know and HR things to do, I'm grateful for resources like this one!

Katie W.  | 

HelpDesk has been a life-saver for me. I am new to this position and this website has helped me every day.

Clarissa S.  | 

This is such a wonderful product/program etc. We have found it to be an HR persons dream for research and information.

Cheryl A.  | 

"First things first. Thank you. After going to a Fred Pryor seminar, we purchased this set of programs to help get our business in order. We tried through the years to make things right, however, without a decent outline, it was a guessing game. That guessing game came to head around the first of the year when we were turned in by a disgruntled employee and had several agencies calling and harassing us. For months we struggled with finding the correct answers and eventually we did make it through the audits, but it was not fun. We found out that no matter how nice you are to your employees, they are happy to turn against you and use every advantage against us so we decided to protect ourselves and our livelihood. In the first 10 minutes of getting this setup, we have already gotten a Company manual, rules of engagement of an outline for protection of our company and our employees. Again, thank you!"

Jim R.  | 

"Subscribing to BeAuditSecure(.com) was the best thing that I’ve ever done for my company and they’ve helped and supported me countless times in the last year. I wouldn’t hesitate to renew every year. "

Beverly R.  | 

Your website is really great. I appreciate the time you spend compiling all of this info. Thanks. "

Robert L.  | 

"Having a multitude of answers in one spot, I haven’t come across anything I wasn’t able to find."

Kristi P.  | 

"The assortment of items that are covered is great. From wage garnishment help to the various topics in hot tips & FAQs to the webinars, it covers so many areas."

Serena N.  | 

I love your service! Best money I ever spent!

Allison N.  | 

I have really enjoyed Helpdesk. I find what I need and support is very fast to respond. Thanks!

Kelly S.  | 

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