What is BeAuditSecure?

What Does it Mean to Be Audit-Secure?

Being visited by an IRS or Department of Labor (DOL) auditor, investigator, or inspector can be one of the most insecure moments in a business professional’s life. OSHA investigators ask many questions and, like IRS auditors, require solid answers. The ability to answer questions from a foundational base of accurate knowledge and provide compliant records, policies and procedures is a sign of true audit security.

Compliance issues seem endless. Payroll, OSHA and Human Resources laws are complicated ever-changing moving targets.

And how about the QETP? Do you know how the Questionable Employment Tax Practices Initiative affects you?

When one auditor comes to call and finds your business “doing it wrong”, the QETP says the auditor should call their friends and invite them to the party! IRS, OSHA, ICE, DOL, DOR, OIG…..OMG!

Personal Liability = Personal Responsibility

Do you know you can be held personally liable in an audit or lawsuit with an employee? Most employees believe the company or maybe Big Boss holds all of the liability.  Major Misconception! The FLSA says “.. anyone acting directly or indirectly in behalf of an employer in relation to an employee..” is an employer!

Yes, as the payroll officer or HR professional, manager, or even agent of Big Boss –  you can be considered an employer in the eyes of the law. Ultimately, the job is YOURS to make sure you are personally Audit-Secure.

The Reality?

Audits are a necessary part of the job and are not going away. Some audits are routine and annual. Some are surprising and scary. Businesses that take to time to get educated and prepared are much more successful and way less fearful when the auditor or investigator comes calling. Yes, Audit-Secure.

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