Employee Handbook Creator FAQs

Will I be able to open the document and edit in greater detail or perform updates and revisions as the need arises?

Absolutely! You will be able to open, edit, add extra details, policies, and procedures on an as-needed basis.

As a matter of fact, we suggest you do. Once you have completed your interview process and downloaded your handbook, we highly recommend you read the entire document. You will want to be certain all information, spelling, spacing and other basics are formatted as per your needs and preferences. You may notice the occasional sentence you would like to restructure or re-word.

Remember, it’s your handbook. We are just the shortcut to help you get the job done in minutes instead of months.

I have employees in several states. How many manuals am I allowed to create?

Some handbook creation / building tools only allow 5 or 6 manuals for the base annual price. The EHC allows you to create as many handbooks as you need to run your business.

Can I download and print my manuals?

Yes. You may store and download your manuals in .docx format. Once your handbook is finalized, you can “save as” .pdf. You may wish to email your handbooks to your employees or store them on a company intranet.

Will the employee handbook hold up in court?

No handbook creation tool can provide you with a guarantee of this nature. In order to obtain “legal advice” employers must be willing to pay an attorney to review your policies and procedures.

If you desire an attorney’s review of your handbook, we can definitely provide you with the name of an attorney who will review your handbook(s) and advise you for a reasonable fee.

Are there any additional services the EHC will provide?

Yes! On our password protected site, our members will be able to access a running list of updates to articles discussing employment laws around the country that will affect the way an employer administers certain policies and procedures.

In addition to this running list of updates, EHC members will also be provided with a comprehensive library of over 180 sample employment policies which can be edited to suit the needs of the company and pasted into your handbook(s). 

What is the Employee Handbook Creator?

Good question! Our EHC is a simple approach to customizing and maintaining your employee policy and procedure handbook. We have developed a program that walks you through an interview process by asking a series of specific questions that help you define your company employment policies in a format all of your workers will understand.

Does the Employee Handbook Creator produce in Spanish, too?


The handbook will produce in English only. However, after you have completed a basic editing process and are happy with your final version of your employee handbook, contact us: support@helpdesksuites.com. Attach your handbook and we will get a quote for you from our translation department. Normally, translation can be completed within 10 days +/- .

I’d like a more custom handbook, can you help me with that?

Once again, Yes!
BeAuditSecure has always provided members with assistance compiling employee handbooks. For ZERO extra charge, our support team will assist you with the final edits of your handbook. All you need to do is create your handbook, make your edits, and then send it over to support@helpdesksuites.com.  We will review and make suggestions to assist you in finalizing your handbook.