Smart Bait

“If you wanna catch the Smart Fish, you gotta use the Smart Bait!”  

                                                                                                                                – quote cred to Joe Phillips (1911-1998)

Small business owners are often frustrated by sick little fish (new and unusual problems) that unexpectedly swim into their otherwise calm waters and infect their entire little lake if left unattended. At HelpDeskSuites.com, we base all of our efforts on this very simple, but extremely smart, pillar – Fishing with the Smart Bait!

So, what in the world do fish and bait have to do with compliance?

Good question! Here is a little history:

Joe Phillips was a man born in 1911 before child labor laws were enacted (1938). At age 5, when many kids were heading off to school, Mr. Phillips was told to go to work in the cotton fields. He had to help support his family. This resulted in his growing up an illiterate man. During his adult life, Joe married a smart girl who ran the household business. His wife, Josie, received a 5th-grade education before she was turned out into the cotton fields. Together they raised 5 children. These five children of an illiterate father became High School and College graduates. Their son entered the C-Suite of business professionals and their daughters became small business owners and allied health professionals.

Why is this important?

Well, the Phillips family fell on hard times over the years. As illiterate and minimally educated adults, Joe and Josie had to know who to ask and where to go for the good solid answers to the many questions and problems that come up in the course of raising a family to adulthood. As an occasional fisherman, Joe knew that not all bait satisfied all fish. If he wanted to catch those smart, slippery little critters, he had to use the correct or Smart Bait!

How about you?

How are you running your business? When slippery little problems swim into your waters are you catching them before they infect the entire lake?  Where do you get the answers you need? The ability to prove your policies and procedures are derived from the advice and guidance of credible sources is a chief pillar needed to support your business and pass the Reasonable Basis test during any sort of audit, inspection or investigation.

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