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Lactation Rooms and Written Policy Requirement for New York City Employers
Hey Compliance Warriors! If you're in NYC there's new a new requirement for breast feeding moms coming in March. Read[...]
Michigan Employers and Occupational Safety and Health in the Workplace
Hey Compliance Warriors! Employers should always be looking to keep their workplace as safe as possible. Here's some great reminders[...]
Missouri’s New Medical Marijuana Law
Hey Compliance Warriors! Missouri is going green and there are some things employers need to know about this new medical[...]
Employee Safety Policy Q & A
Hey Compliance Warriors! Question: Do employee safety policies require negotiation with a union? Article via: www.lexology.com "Employee safety is paramount.[...]
Kentucky State Right to Work Law
Hey Compliance Warriors! The Kentucky Supreme Court has dismissed the labor unions challenge to the States right-to-work-law. Here's the details.[...]
California Guidance On Compliance With California Fair Pay Act
Hey Compliance Warriors! California has always been ahead of the game when it comes to "closing the gap" of unequal[...]
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