HelpDesk Deluxe Suite Features

Unlimited HR Email Support

Monday-Friday Unlimited Email HR Support. No Question is Too Big Or Small Ask us any HR or payroll-related questions you have. Our SPHR / SCP Certified team of professionals will have the answers for you - the same day! This is the perfect research assistant to help get you through tough situations, provide policy or form samples, get referenced information to help you stay compliant with state and federal regulations and more!

Unveil self-audit checklists, state-specific wage laws, IRS forms, I-9 guidance, FLSA insights, and employee /contractor assistance. Navigate employment regulations with ease. Start enhancing compliance today!

Discover a valuable toolkit! Explore self-audit checklists, state wage laws, IRS forms, I-9 guidance, FLSA insights, and employee/contractor classification resources. Enhance compliance efforts. Dive in now!

This toolkit contains OSHA regulations, mandatory and optional self-inspection checklists, forms, fact sheets, guides, PowerPoint training tools, samples of the mandatory plans and programs, and much more.

This toolkit contains federal collection laws and laws by state, a 55-minute webinar covering the how to establish your collections 'team' and writing policies to resolving conflict during the collections process.

HelpDesk Deluxe Compliance Tool-Kits Saves You Time and Money.

The 2 BIGGEST threats to most compliance programs are Time and Money.

Maybe you are the "Slash" (HR, Payroll, AR, AP, Janitor, Therapist....). If so, your time is limited and Big Boss probably limits your budget also!

In our information packed toolkits you will find easy to understand guidance on the most time consuming compliance topics, which include:

  • instructive webinars and audio courses
  • 650+ forms, documents, and policies 
  • Employee Handbook Creator 
  • Job Description Writer
  • Interview Question Writer
  • Job Post Genie
  • Performance Evaluation Center
  • HIPAA guide 
  • FMLA guide 
  • FLSA 
  • I-9 guide 
  • Wage and hour laws by state 
  • Records Retention Guide
  • OSHA safety program guidance 
  • Unlimited HR/Payroll email support
  • Ask An Attorney
  • and so much more!


HelpDesk Deluxe Suite Applications

Ask the Attorney

Do you have a burning question for our attorney?  Submit your question and then watch for your answer in our Ask An Attorney feature each week. HelpDesk Suites members can submit 3 questions per year at no extra charge! Note: The advice the Attorney provides in this feature is not legal advice. It is simply used to get an attorney's standpoint on situations.

Compliance Warriors Facebook Community

A Community of Like-minded Professionals. Have a quick question you need answered? Want to share a crazy HR story? Looking for a certification study group? Whatever the case may be, our community of HR pros is there to help. Our community is private, only available to HelpDesk for HR members, and monitored to make sure everything is kept civil and supportive.


We're here to help!

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