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Write a Job Description using our Job Description Writer

Lesson 13 Module 3


In this video we are going to show you how to effectively use the Job Description Writer. 

To start make sure youre logged into HelpDeskSuites.com

You can go to your deluxe dashboard by clicking launch in the navigation bar > then click HelpDesk Deluxe Suite

Then scroll down and click the button to launch the job description writer. 

Once it is launched. You will see a simple search bar. This search bar will allow you to search thousands of job titles to help you find the job description you are looking for.

For instance lets say you are looking for a job description for a Dental Assistant. Here you will see a few Job description categories that may apply. However there is a specific category for dental assistants so let’s look at that one. The job description you’re looking for immediately will immediately load. Here you will be able to read through and make edits to help the job description to fit your needs by simply  clicking on the area you would like to edit and inputing the information you need to add.

You’ll also notice you can easily add the FLSA classification for the description by selecting. And look it add that right into the description. 

If you need more information on FLSA classification you can read about it by pressing the I or also know as information button here.

We also have an optional section library you can add things like signature lines, disclaimer and others.

Once you’re done editing you can download. 

If you’re able to use a desktop version of Microsoft word you can click Yes > enter you’ll file name and download the docx.

Then you can also make edits once the job descriptions downloads

If you are not using Microsoft word you can press No and click to copy all of the text and paste in another word processor like for instance pages for Mac. The other option you have is to download the description as a PDF by entering your file name and then clicking to download.

Also you’ll notice our save/load feature that will allow you to save up to four job description drafts. To save you can click the save/load button press save on the port you would like to save on, enter a name for the save. And you’ll see that it has been saved.

This saves to your browser local storage for upmost security. Meaning to reload you will need to come back on the same browser and computer to be able to reload.

So when yo come back you can easily load by clicking the save/load button here click the draft you would like to reload and there it is.

If you have any question you can always feel free to reach out to us at support@helpdesuites.com.

And remember as alway be audit secure!

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