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Interview Questionnaire Writer

Lesson 16 Module 3


Today, we'd like to introduce you to our latest tool, our interview question writer. Within minutes you can have an interview questionnaire completed and ready to download. To access this tool, you have to log in to help desk sweets.com go to your deluxe dashboard and here at the bottom you'll see the button to launch. You'll see that the first step is to enter your job title. Then after you click the arrow, you will see the question bank divided into over 36 categories. You can start adding questions as you see fit from here. As you'll notice, it will start adding these questions to the document in the background. Then if you press the "X" button here, you can see your main document. To go back to the question bank and continue adding questions, you can simply just click the add questions button. You'll also notice that it will automatically divide the questions by category so you can keep everything organized.

If you would like to remove questions, you can simply press the red "X" next to the question. If you would like to remove the entire category, you can simply press the red X next to the category title and confirm to note all the questions you've deleted will be re added to the question bank in case you would like to re add a question to the document. Once you've completed this process, you have two options you can use to download your document. If you're using the desktop version of Microsoft word, you can simply click yes to the question, enter your file name and download the doc "X". If you are not using Microsoft word or you're on a mobile device, you can download in PDF format by clicking no and to your file name and then download the PDF. All of these tools come with a browser save load feature that will save straight to your browser's local storage for the utmost security.

If you need to save and come back, all you need to do is click the save load button, enter the name you would like to save it under, and then when you return on the same computer and browser, your instance will be there, Redding and waiting for you to continue. Then of course, if you would like to start over, you can click the new document button. Feel free to make use of these new tools included in the deluxe suite. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a deluxe suite member, you can always contact us at support at HelpDesksuites.com enjoy, and as always be audit-secure.

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