Employee Handbook Creator FAQs

Does the Employee Handbook Creator produce in Spanish, too?

Yes and No.

The handbook will produce in English only. However, after you have completed a basic editing process and are happy with your final version of your employee handbook, contact us: support@beauditsecure.com. Attach your handbook and within 5 days +/- we will have your handbook translated and sent back to you in Spanish. Oh yeah… FOR FREE!!

Here’s the catch: If you need post-translation edits, revisions or future translations of handbooks, we will review your needs and quote you a fair price. But, the first round is most definitely on US!

Keep in mind we are only able to offer this  FREE service for our basic handbook that is produced after completing your interview process. If large amounts of information are added we can provide the custom translation service at a discounted rate. Contact us with a copy of your customized handbook and we can offer a quote.


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