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Writing detailed policies and procedures can be exhausting!

To Be Audit-Secure, your policies must be written, acknowledged by the worker and reviewed annually among other things.

Only an attorney that you pay can give you true legal advice. But, HelpDesk Tool-Kits offers a “jumping off point” in the form of 200+ sample policies and procedures. We suggest you find the policy you need and refine it to fit the needs of your organization.

How do you get access to this library? Easy – if you have purchased access to HelpDesk Suite- Deluxe then you have it!


You can purchase access to this library along with our Job Description Writer + for only $297!



ONLY $297


Here is a partial list our policies:

Annual Leave Accrual Policy

Attendance Policy

Basic Life Insurance Policy

Bereavement Leave Policy

Bilingual Customer Service Policy

Business Travel Policy

Call Back Policy

Career Development Policy

Candidate Testing Policy

Classification of Jobs Policy

Code of Ethics Policy

Committee Work Policy

Company Car Policy

Compensation Policy

Computer Usage Policy

Confidential HR Info Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy 2

Deadly Weapons Policy

Disciplinary Action Policy

Dispute Resolution Policy

Dress Code Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Email Usage Policy

Employee Assistance Program Policy

Employment Offers Policy

Employment of Relatives Policy

Ethical Conduct Policy

Exit Interview Form

Exit Interviews Policy

Fair Labor Standards Act Policy

Family and Medical Leave Policy

Harassment-Free Workplace Policy

Hours of Work Policy

Jury Duty Policy

Leaves of Absence Policy

Medical Exams & Immunization Policy

Nepotism Policy

Orientation Policy

Pay Advances Policy

Personal Leave Policy

Probation Policy

Reductions in Force Policy

Religious Holidays Policy

Rest Periods and Meal Breaks Policy

Severe Weather Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Smoking Policy

Staff Development Policy

Temporary & Casual Appointments Policy

Training and Development Policy

Travel Pay Policy

Vacation Carry Over Policy

Voting Policy

Workplace Violence Policy

Workshops and Seminars Policy

And Many More…


ONLY $297

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