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Q and A Today Webinar From May

Q & A Today Replay

Group Coaching with Lisa Smith

Focus: Payroll department stumbling blocks.

Live presentation: May 2015

Webinars are great! A focused topic that teaches us “How to” or maybe ‘How not to”.  We get answers to the questions the webinar developer believes we need. But, sometimes we just need a little more. We need OUR questions answered. Group Coaching is EVEN BETTER!

Welcome to Q & A Today: Group Coaching with Lisa Smith! In this series of meet-ups (or hang-outs), I will take your questions and give you the answers that work for you.
The focus of this pre-recorded Q&A from May 2015 was payroll department stumbling blocks. What little potholes or big old boulders are causing you and your employees stress and confusion every day?

On-call pay
Travel Pay
Off the clock “work”
Retired Manager back as a Consultant
I-9 Corrections, Storage and Retention

Listen in as I answer the Early Bird questions first and then field questions from the participants who had an “in the moment” question during the discussion.

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