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What’s New with the HelpDesk Deluxe Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits?

Hey Compliance Warriors!

We have been working like crazy this year and have recently added some cool new features and content to our Helpdesk DELUXE Suite of Compliance Tool-Kits. Check out the new additions below and let us know what you think and what else we can do to put HELP on your DESK!

  1. My Favorite Pages. Our site is growing in content every day. This poses a problem for users who find the information they need but forget later where it lives. In response to this concern, we have added a new feature called “My Favorite Pages”. Now you can save pages and posts to your private account. When you return you do not have to wonder where the information was located. Just click the “My Favorite Pages” link (located under the Login/Logout link) and there it is! You can save your favorite pages to use and bring them up at will. Easy breezy!  https://helpdesksuites.com/saved-for-later/
  2. 1500+ New FAQs have been added to our searchable content. We have also beefed up our search tags for an easier searching experience. Click LAUNCH>Members Only FAQ Feed to access the full list. We will be adding FAQs at the rate of around 500 per month for the next month or two and then as needed going forward. Please let us know if you have any issues finding what you need. support@helpdesksuites.com
  3. HIPAA Quizzes and Exams were added last month and have been a big hit with health care providers and their business associates. Click https://helpdesksuites.com/knowledgebase/hipaa-quizzes-and-exams/ to access five 20 question quizzes and a 100 question exam requiring a 96% pass rate. You will be able to prove your staff is well-trained if you require they pass this exam!
  4. Two New Webinars. We have also added 2 new 90-minute webinars.

We have added much more content and continue to do so on a daily basis. So, please pop in regularly for updates and additions. Remember, if ever you do not see what you need, we are only an email away! support@helpdesksuites.com

As always, Be Audit-Secure!

Lisa Smith

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