Deluxe Dashboard

August 2020

COVID-19 Tracker

Employee Complaint Form

Conditional Offer Letter

Commission Agreement

Background and Reference Checks in MO

July 2020

Consent to be recorded on webinar



Vacation Carryover Form

Data Protection Policy

Out of Office Messages

COVID Patient-Consent Form

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Log for CMV Drivers

Unpaid Leave of Absence Request


Third-Party Harassment Policy

Parental Leave for Small Employers-Sample

June 2020

Smoking and Smoking Break Policies

Consulting Agreement

Employee Items to Collect At Termination Checklist

COVID Screening Questions

New-Hire Checklist

Contact Training

Subcontractor Agreement

Failure to Pay Insurance Premiums

Notice of Extended Probation

May 2020

Safety Shoe Reimbursement Policy

Transgender Restroom/Locker Room Policy

Meal Waiver Agreement – California

WARN Sample Letter 1

WARN Sample Letter 2

Truck Driver Performance Evaluation

Telecommuting Agreement

Refusal to Work Report

Nondisclosure Agreement

Patient Notification Letter of Retirement or Closing a Practice

Sample Plan COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Preparedness and Response

Sample Employee Medical Information Release Authorization

Best Questions to Ask When Checking References

COVID-19 Employee Surveys

Domestic Travel and Post Travel Quarantine Policy

Coronavirus Self-Declaration Form

April 2020

COVID-19 Reopening Checklist

COVID-19 Screening Procedures and Form

Added Social Distancing Policy

Added Hazard Pay Sample Policy

Added Employee Recall from Layoff or Furlough Letter

Added COVID 19 Training – OSHA

Added EFMLA Request Form

March 2020

Added Remote-employees-onboarding-checklist

Added Remote Work Sample Policy

Added Salary Reduction Letter

Added Layoff Letter COVID19

Added Emergency Paid Leave During the COVID-19 Crisis

Added Essential Workers DHS Guidance

Added Essential Employer and Employee Travel Letters

Added Notice of Exposure to Communicable Disease

Added Leave Paperwork Follow-up Letter

Added Business Closure/Work Stoppage Letter

Added COVID-19 Travel Policy Sample

Added Breastfeeding and Lactating Mothers Policy

Added DOL’s COVID-19 Guidance

Added COVID – 19 Sample Policy

Added Conference Room Policy

Added Driving Company and/or Customer Vehicles Policy

Added Arbitration Acknowledgement Language for CA AB 51

Added EEOC AAP Policy and Statement SAMPLE

Added Sample-Accommodation-Policy-and-Process

Added Sample-Distracted-Driving

Added Termination Checklist CA

Added Tracking Use of Tools and Equipment

Added VTO Policy Sample

Added Workplace Relationship Status Statement

February 4, 2020

Added Banning-from premises Letter

Added Conflict Resolution Worksheet Template

Added HIPAA FAX Coversheet

Added Independent Contractor Agreement Sample

Added Makeup_time_request

Added Statement of Work Template

Added Termination letter drug alcohol

Added Workplace Dating Reprimand

Added Salary Increase Refusal Letter

Added Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy

Added Last Chance Agreement Template

January 30, 2020

Added/Updated CA Compliant Application for Employment

January 21, 2020

Added Uniform and Equipment Issuance Agreement

January 20, 2020

Added Conflict Resolution Guide

Added Conflict Resolution Policy/Procedure

Added Conflict Resolution Chart

Added California’s ABC TEST for Independent Contractors

January 13, 2020

Added Sample Diversity Survey

January 10, 2020

Added Sample I-9 and Everify SOP

Added Sample Holiday Leave Policy 3

Added Change of Address Form 2

January 2, 2020

Updated OSHA Recordkeeping and Posting Requirements

Updated Payroll Toolkit Wage and Hour Section

December 31, 2019

Added NY State/City Compliant Employment Application

December 30, 2019

Added Poster Assistance to Deluxe Dashboard

Added W-4 2020 Assistance to Deluxe Dashboard

Added Ban the Box Laws by State

Added Fair Workweek / Predictive Scheduling Laws

Updated Sexual Harassment Training Laws

Added Salary Ban Laws by State and Local Area

Added Hairstyle Discrimination by State and Municipality (CROWN ACT)

December 29, 2019

Updated Leave Laws by State and Local Areas

December 26, 2019

Updated Minimum Wage Laws by State

Updated California Overtime Exemption Laws

Added FLSA Overtime Exemptions 2020 page

December 16, 2019

Added Change of Address Request

December 12, 2019

Added Paid Sick Leave Laws by State

December 11, 2019

Updated Employee Handbook Creator – added new features

Added Pregnancy and Lactation Laws by State to the Deluxe Tool-kit

Added LWOP Sample Notice for Benefit Premiums

Added LWOP Sample Policy/Procedure for Handling Insufficient Pay for Premium Deductions

Added Sample Notice of Employee Rights and Remedies for Reproductive Rights Law in NY

December 7, 2019

Updated Job Application Templates/Samples

December 3, 2019

Added Breastfeeding/lactation Laws by State to the Deluxe Suite (see Employment Laws by State)

Added Paid Sick Leave Laws by State

Added to Deluxe Policies and Procedures

  • Sample Notice of Rights and Remedies for NY Handbooks – Reproductive Health Law

Added to HR Tool-Kit Forms and Documents

  • Employee Coaching Template
  • Payroll Deduction Template
  • Recording Details of Meetings with Employees – template

November 6, 2019

Schedule Change Request

Deductions from Salary of Exempt Employees


November 5, 2019

Updated Free Webinars

Updated FLSA Exemption Assessments to 2020 Rules

November 1, 2019

Added W-4 Draft for 2020 and Pub. 15T to IRS Forms and Documents

Added DOL Fact Sheet Index to DOL Compliance Tools

Bonus Letter

October 31, 2019

Leave Donation Program

Employee Referral Program

Non-Retaliation Policy

COBRA Flowchart

Vehicle Allowance Program Policy

Employee Satisfaction Survey


Injectable Influenza Consent

Moving Expenses Agreement

Resignation Letter Template Example

Training Needs Survey


October 17, 2019

Reasonable suspicion flowchart 

September 10, 2019

Fitness for Duty Policy Sample

Voluntary Leave Without Pay Policy Sample


Model Grievance Procedure

Exit Interview for Independent Contractor




Verification of Employment

FCRA Preliminary Notice of Adverse Action

September 4, 2019

Updated Free Webinars

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