e-Handbook for Employers Sample

Welcome to the e-Handbook for Employers. In this section, you are able to access 18 e-learning videos and info-graphics containing vital hiring information and guidance which will benefit all employers and HR professionals. Be sure and stop by occasionally, as we will be updating this section as needed.

  1. Top Ten Tips for Employers
  2. Hiring: Basic Legal Issues – Federal Law
  3. Quick Hiring Basics
  4. Job Posting and Recruitment Basics
  5. Job Application Basics
  6. Job Description Basics
  7. Reference and Background Checking Basics
  8. Deciding On The Best Candidate For The Job
  9. Co-employment or Joint Employment: “Single Employer”
  10. Best Practices for Temporary Staffing and Professional Employer Organizations
  11.  Hiring Issues in Unemployment Claims
  12. I-9 Requirements
  13. Alternatives to Hiring Employees Directly
  14. Interview Basics
  15. New Hire Paperwork
  16. Offers of Employment and Compensation Agreement
  17. Payroll
  18. Pre-Employment Tests and Examinations
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