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July 12, 2019

Updated Performance_Eval_Template

Added Piecework Pay Calculation Worksheet

Added Overtime Exemption Worksheet for California

Updated Free Webinars

July 9, 2019

Added FMLA Exhaustion Letter Sample

Updated Free Webinars Page

July 8, 2019

Added Solicitation and Distribution Policy Sample

July 2, 2019

Updated Alert Page

Added Marijuana Laws by State to the Deluxe Suite https://helpdesksuites.com/kb/deluxe/hr-by-state/

July 1, 2019

Updated Alerts Page

Updated Minnesota Wage Theft Law

Updated July 2019 Minimum Wage Changes for California Jurisdictions

June 27, 2019

Updated Alerts Page

Updated Free Webinars Page

Added Remote-employees-onboarding-checklist

Added Remote Work Sample Policy

Added Remote_Worker_Agreement_Template

June 26, 2019

Updated Free Webinars Page

Added Applicant Rejection Letter

June 25, 2019

Updated Alerts Page

Added Overpayment of wages deduction agreement

June 20, 2019

Updated Alerts Page

Updated Free Webinars Page

Added Disciplinary Probation Policy Sample Language

Added **2019 Summer Minimum Wage Update by State

Added 2019 Summer Employment Law Update

Added Demotion Letter 2

Added PTO Roll Out or Policy Change Memo

Added Repayment of Health Care Insurance Premiums During FMLA Leave

Added Timesheet-template

Added Request for PTO Advance with Repayment Terms

June 12, 2019

Updated Alerts and Free Webinars

June 4, 2019

Added Benefits Enrollment or Change Form Template


Added  Job Application Sample for Colorado


Added Cellphone Usage While Driving a Company Vehicle Policy Sample

May 24, 2019

Added Contribution Rate Change Template

Added Employee Information Sheet

Added Bring Your Own Device Policy Sample

May 21, 2019

Added Job Abandonment Letter Sample

May 20, 2019

Updated Alerts and Free Webinars

Added Overtime Policy Samples

Added Per Diem Policy

Added Pre-shift Meeting_Template

Added EEO Checklist

Added I9-Correction-Process Memo

Added Accountable-Plan-Template

May 13, 2019

Updated Free Webinars

Updated Alerts

May 10th, 2019

Added Dating and Romantic Relationships in the Workplace

Added Dating Policy

May 3, 2019

Added Letter of Recommendation Template

Updated Alerts

Updated Free Webinars

May 1, 2019

Added California Overtime Exemption Laws

Added Sample language for lost or damaged equipment

Added FMLA 12 month Rolling Backward Calculation

Added Reference-Check-Form

Added Reference-check-template-leadership

Added Sample Handbooks for Independent Contractors

    1. Handbook-Independent-Contractor-1099
    2. Contract-Instructor-Handbook
    3. Instructors_Handbook

April 22, 2019

Added Motor Vehicle Driving Record Auth

Added OSHA_Construction_Guide

April 19, 2019

Added Charge-Back Language for Commission Agreements

April 18, 2019

Updated the Free Webinars page

April 17, 2019

Added Volunteer Waiver Release Adults and Minors SAMPLE

Updated Travel Pay Policy

Added Active Shooter Plans and Guides

Active shooter EAP Template





Active-shooter-planning for Healthcare

Cal OES-active-shooter-awareness

April 16, 2019

Updated new KY law regarding Pregnancy Accommodation

Updated Michigan Comp Time Law

Updated California Comp Time Law

Added Volunteer Firefighter Response Time Off Policy SAMPLE

Added Makeup_Time_Request Form

Added Drug Testing Consent Form SAMPLE Connecticut

Added Drug Testing Consent Form Sample GENERIC

April 12, 2019

Sample Forms and Documents Added

  1. Accident Incident Report
  2. Training Reimbursement-Agreement Sample
  3. Vehicle-Accident-Report



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