PHR / SPHR Practice Exams

PHR / SPHR Practice Exams: SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER $149 for 12 MONTHS ACCESS! (reg. $199 annually)

Be Exam-Secure!

Go into your PHR or SPHR certification exam well-prepared and confident! Our PHR /SPHR Practice Exams and Quizzes enable you to get comfortable with the pace and knowledge required to pass these most prestigious exams.

Our practice exams and quizzes provide instant feedback on HR strengths and areas where you need further study.

Not sure which exam is right for you? No problem! Our bundle provides you with both sets of exams for one low price. Take them both and decide whether you are PHR or SPHR ready.

The content developers and HR Subject Matter Experts here at BeAuditSecure.com are proud to offer you a practice exam bundle to cover all of your evaluation needs. Each of our certification practice exams (PHR and SPHR) offer two modes of testing:

  • Exam Mode: Take a timed practice exam or quiz and, upon completion, receive your individual score report, providing you with performance insight for each content area of the exam.
  • Practice Mode: Take a non-timed practice exam or quiz, and focus – at your own pace – on difficult questions and areas of weakness, and receive explanations about the correct answers.

First, take a timed exam and then turn to Practice Mode for further exam practice and benefit from an explanation of the correct answers.

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  • robin@clearpoinengineers.com says:

    I am wanting to get Anna J. Alford certified at this time. She attends ALL HR seminars with me with company approval. How would she get access with her own email and login?

    April 16, 2018 at 11:20 am
    • Lisa Smith says:

      Hello Robin,

      All you need to do is purchase the $49 access under her name and email. She will have this access for 12 months. Once our study course is ready this summer, you or she may want to purchase that to help her further prepare or if she is certified, to help her maintain her re-certification credits. Our course will carry 10 of the 60 credits required to recertify every three years. Hope this helps! Lisa Smith

      April 16, 2018 at 11:37 am
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