Employee Handbook Creator

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create an Employee Handbook!




1. What is the Employee Handbook Creator?
Good question! Our EHC is a simple approach to customizing and maintaining your employee policy and procedure handbook. We have developed a program that walks you through an interview process by asking a series of specific questions that help you define your company employment policies in a format all of your workers will understand.
2. Will I be able to open the document and edit in greater detail or perform updates and revisions as the need arises?

Absolutely! You will be able to open, edit, add extra details, policies, and procedures on an as-needed basis.

3. I have employees in several states. How many manuals am I allowed to create?
Some handbook creation / building tools only allow 5 or 6 manuals for the base annual price. The EHC allows you to create as many handbooks as you need to run your business.

4. Can I download and print my manuals? 

Yes. You may store and download your manuals in Word or pdf formats. You may also wish to email your handbooks to your employees or store them on a company intranet.

5. Will the employee handbook hold up in court?

No handbook creation tool can provide you with a guarantee of this nature. In order to obtain “legal advice” employers must be willing to pay an attorney to review your policies and procedures.

If you desire an attorney’s review of your handbook, we can definitely provide you with the name of an attorney who will review your handbook(s) and advise you for a reasonable fee.

6. I’d like a more custom handbook, can you help me with that?

Once again, Yes! Helpdesksuites.com has always provided members with assistance compiling employee handbooks. For ZERO extra charge, our support team will assist you with the customization of your handbook.
All you need to do is contact support@beauditsecure.com and tell us which state you are developing. We will send you a state-specific questionnaire. Once we have received your response, we will spend 48-72 hours customizing your handbook and send it back to you. Easy Peasy!
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