HelpDesk Compliance Tool-Kits for OSHA Compliance

Managing an OSHA compliance program is a big chore for many employers, whether small or large. Every employer is required to maintain a health and safety program that meets at least minimum requirements. Business owners and managers need a trusted guide to answer their basic questions and concerns about handling even this most simple safety concerns in a defensible manner. Determining when and how to train, keep records, report to OSHA and develop required handbooks and manuals can be tricky and confusing. One innocent misunderstanding may result in large government fines and employee lawsuits.

HelpDesk Compliance Tool-Kit for OSHA Compliance Professionals provides employers, managers and supervisors with solid answers to frequently asked questions and clears the fog surrounding Federal and State compliant program administration.

In this comprehensive tool-kit you will find Help with federal and state level:

  • OSHA Small Business Core Regulations
  • Medical/Dental Core Regulations
  • Required and Recommended Training Programs
  • Manual and Safety Program Manuals and Handbooks
  • Cal/OSH Sections
  • State Approved Program Information
  • Recordkeeping and Posting Requirements
  • Hazcom – GHS
  • Internal Audits and Corrections
  • Guides and Fact Sheets
  • Hot Tips and FAQs
  • Forms, Documents and Inspection Checklists
  • And much more…



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