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Members Only: 4 Mistakes Even Smart Managers Make (3 min. Video)

Hey Warriors! Are you SMART MANAGERS? I’m sure you are, but there are 4 big mistakes that even SMART managers make. Watch this short video and do a little self evaluation. Then, let me know what you think!

Enjoy and BeAuditSecure!


4 Mistakes Even Smart Managers Make

Managing a business is tough work. Many managers and business owners struggle with work-life balance to the point of jeopardizing the business. Sadly, their family life and personal health often suffer, as well.

Brother International has surveyed  small business owners annually for the last six years. In its 2015 survey of 500 U.S. small business owners with fewer than 100 employees, the 4 worst business habits of folks who own and/or manager small businesses were revealed.

Let’s take a peek at what they found and do some self-evaluation.

  1. Trying to do it all

One person can’t do everything necessary in a business. However, that’s exactly what many – if not most – managers do at some point in their career. Learning how to delegate key responsibilities to other people is vital to the health of a business and a manager. Not only will your relieve some of the stress on yourself, but you’ll give others serious opportunities to grow and demonstrate ownership and commitment to their positions in your organization.

2. Neglecting vacation time

Removing yourself from the business – physically and mentally – can be incredibly difficult even for just a random long weekend. But, refusing to do this can spell disaster for mental and physical health. We all need time away from the grind to decompress and recharge. Schedule regular short vacations. Enlist your friends and family members to help you focus on you and forget – even for a few hours – about work. The business will survive for a day without you. Once you prove this to yourself, maybe you will try two or three days – just for kicks!

3. Blending work life with personal life

For decades – maybe centuries –  managers have struggled to keep work and home separate. However, since we have added smartphones and social media to the mix of work and life, the walls keeping the two sides of our lives from colliding have pretty much collapsed. We must be diligent in making it a priority to “schedule” – for lack of a better word –  some non-work time every day that you devote to people you love and who love you. Spouses, children, parents and friend miss you. Whether you have allowed yourself to realize it or not, you miss them, too. Setting aside a regular part of your day to be present in body and mind with these folks will energize you and actually increase your performance at work. Bonus – you’ll build and maintain important personal relationships and create fond memories with family and friends that you will treasure as you grow older.

  1. Micromanaging

No one likes a helicopter boss. Do you like to be hovered over? No?! Well, News Flash –  your employees and co-workers feel the same way. So, cool your jets, give them clear tasks, projects and goals. Train them well, give them responsibility, trust them and get out of their way. The outcome may be pleasantly surprising.

There you have it!

4 mistakes managers must avoid. Are any of these things earth-shattering new ideas? NOPE!  So remember, when we put forth the effort to break bad habits and try something scary – just once – we will feel better, experience a higher level of productivity and maybe… we’ll try it again.


Lisa Smith


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