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The OSHA ETS Arguments Were Made – Where is the Decision, SCOTUS?


Hey Compliance Warriors!


Well, Monday, January 10th, 2022 has come and gone and we still have no ruling from SCOTUS on the life or death of the OSHA ETS for employers with 100+ employees.


So, what’s an employer to do? 

For now, be sure that all non-vaxxed workers are masking up. You probably have already started to document who is vaxxed and who is not. So, that will be pretty easy. The weekly testing requirement is not set to take effect until February 9th – assuming the ETS is still alive at that point.


SCOTUS has an “opinion issuance day” on the calendar for Thursday. Hopefully, that is a clue to when we can expect a final answer on this very controversial issue.


Stay tuned!

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