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Where DISC we go wrong?

According to Wikipedia, “DISC is a behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits: Dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. It is not a personality assessment, it shows your behavior when the person is in a particular environment.”


Nowadays, many people in the corporate world, who are applying for jobs, must take this type test as a part of the interviewing process and assessment. Based on its results, they can be considered or not for a position.


However, this could be a double-edged sword when it comes to choosing the “right” candidate. If we solely focus on the test results, we are not paying attention to our first instinct when meeting a potential employee in person, and our “gut feeling” towards that person could go out the window the moment we become aware of the test results.


There are also privacy issues associated with this type of testing. The test needs to be professionally and confidentially administered in the context of the position, otherwise companies could be sued.


The test must be focused on the job’s skill sets and not influenced with questions concerning confidentiality issues such as gender, age, religious beliefs or origin. It must also not cross privacy boundaries. If any of these rules are broken by the employer administering the test, the company could be held liable for discrimination.

This type of testing should be considered as just one aspect of the recruitment process, no matter at what time of the hiring process is incorporated. It should never be the decision making tool, and it should never replace the standard methods of recruitment such as background checks, verifying references and conducting face-to-face interviews. Rather, it should be used as a means of confirming that the interviewee, is in fact the right candidate for the position you are expecting to fill.


Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Seminars, LLC and Chief Content Developer at BeAuditSecure.com. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more from her in Audit-Secure Authority at BeAuditSecure.com.

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