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Government officials across the country are easing up on business closures and stay at home orders. Here is an article and table of reopening protocols as of today. Read on…

By Littler Mendelson on May 19, 2020

In many instances, businesses can expect two types of guidance from their governors and public health officials: (1) overarching framework materials, setting forth various phases of the anticipated reopening process and identifying criteria for advancement through the recovery period; and (2) more specific orders that supersede prior closure directives and permit particular operations to resume on certain dates and under certain conditions. Employers can also expect that these materials will establish new health and safety protocols for the workplace—such as mandatory health screenings and face coverings—that may remain in place for the foreseeable future. Indeed, many reopening plans include multiple mitigation steps, such as limits on occupancy, sanitation and physical distancing requirements, and new posting duties.

The chart below provides links to general reopening plans and orders that have been issued thus far, at the statewide level. Employers should bear in mind that these materials typically offer detailed instructions for reopening, which often vary by industry. As a result, it is important to review each order along with any accompanying official guidance to get a complete picture of all requirements and how they may impact each employer’s operations. We will update this list regularly but expect it will become outdated quickly as new announcements are made.

Note that this chart does not cover orders or guidance issued at the local level. Employers should consult with counsel for our additional resources on orders that may apply to their operations.


Reopening Framework Materials

Specific Orders, Guidance

Last Updated

Federal Opening Up America Again N/A


Alabama Reopening Alabama Responsibly (Phase One) Amended Safer at Home Order (5/8/20)

Proceeding with Caution Info Sheet

Guidelines for Safeguarding All Businesses

List of All Orders and Guidelines


Alaska Reopen Alaska Responsibly

Reopen Alaska Responsibly Plan Summary (5/6/20)

Health Mandate 016 (Phase 1-A, with attachments; as amended)

Health Mandate FAQs

Announcement of Phase Two (5/6/20)

Health Mandate 018 (intrastate travel)

All Alaska Health Mandates


Arizona Return Stronger and Announcement Presentation Executive Order 2020-33 – Returning Stronger (4/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-34 – Building on COVID-19 Successes (5/4/20)

Department of Health Services – Various Guidance for Reopening Businesses

Executive Order 2020-36 – Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger (5/12/20)


Arkansas N/A Executive Order 20-25 (5/5/20)

Health Directive on Resuming Restaurant Dine-in Operations (4/29/20)

Health Directive on Reopening Gyms, Fitness Centers (4/30/20)

Health Directive on Close Contact Businesses (5/1/20)

Health Directive for Businesses, Manufacturers, Construction and Lodging (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Large Indoor Venues (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Large Outdoor Venues (5/4/20)

Health Directive for Limitations on Businesses (5/8/20)

List of all COVID-19 Health Directives

Arkansasready.com – Timeline and Resources


California Roadmap to Modify the Stay-at-Home Order

Resilience Roadmap Presentation (5/7/20)

Resilience Roadmap

Updated announcement of four-staged plan

Update on progress toward Stage 2 Reopening (5/4/20)

Executive Order N-60-20 (5/4/20)

Announcement of Updated Industry Guidance (5/7/20)

Statewide Industry Guidance to Reduce Risk

Dine-In Restaurant Guidance (5/12/20)

Information about County Variances


Colorado #DoingMyPartCO

Timeline for Decision Making Under Safer at Home Phase (5/11/20)

Executive Order D 2020-044 (Safer at Home)

Public Health Order 20-28 (Safer at Home)


Connecticut Initial Framework Announcement Sector Rules for May 20th Reopen (5/9/20)

Updated COVID-19 FAQs (5/9/20)

Executive Order 7MM (5/12/20)

Self-certification Requirement

Executive Order 7PP (5/18/20)


Delaware Delaware’s Recovery and Reopening Small retailers/hair care services (5/5/20)

FAQ for Businesses Opening 5/8/20

Announcement re: June 1 Target for Phase 1 (5/8/20)

Announcement re: Farmers’ Markets (5/11/20)

Announcement re: Beaches and Related Vendors (5/14/20)

Phase 1 Guidance


District of Columbia ReOpen DC N/A


Florida Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step Executive Order 20-112

Guidelines for Barbers and Cosmetologists

Executive Order 20-120

Executive Order 20-123

Announcement re: Full Phase 1 as of May 18 and Summary Sheet


Georgia N/A Executive Order (, minimum operations)

Executive Order (, Reviving a Healthy Georgia)

Executive Order (, guidance for food service, bowling alleys, theaters)

Executive Order (, guidance for restaurants, industry-specific duties)


Hawaii Economic and Community Recovery & Resiliency Plan Seventh Supplementary Proclamation (5/5/20)


Idaho Idaho Rebounds Stay Healthy Order – Stage 1 (4/30/20)

Business-specific protocols for opening

Stage 2- Protocols for Opening

Stay Healthy Order – Stage 2 (5/15/20)


Illinois Restore Illinois

Announcement re: Updated Statewide Model (5/11/20)

Executive Order 2020-32 (4/30/20)

Announcement re: Regions On Track to Advance (5/11/20)


Indiana Back on Track Indiana


Executive Order 20-26 – Stages 1 and 2 (5/1/20)

What’s Open, What’s Closed?

Back on Track General & Industry Guidelines


Iowa N/A Proclamation (4/27/20)

Proclamation (5/6/20)

Proclamation (5/13/20)


Kansas Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas Executive Order No. 20-29 – Phase One (4/30/20)

Announcement re: Phase 1.5 of Ad Astra Plan (5/14/20)


Kentucky Healthy at Work Press Release (4/29/20, outlining initial reopening)

Healthy at Work: 10 Rules to Reopening

Minimum Requirements for All Businesses (effective 5/11/20)

Announcement of Phase 2 (5/7/20)

Announcement re: Kentucky State Parks (5/15/20)

Kentucky Healthy at Work Site (Benchmarks, Calendar, All Industry Guidelines, etc.)


Louisiana N/A Proclamation 52 JBE 2020 (Extended Stay at Home)

Guidance – Can This Business Open? (5/1/20)

Fire Marshal’s Interpretive Memo on Outdoor Dine-In Seating Criteria (4/30/20)

Announcement re: Move to Phase Statewide on May 15 (5/11/20)

Proclamation 58 JBE 2020 (5/14/20) (Phase 1)

Link to Register with Open Safely LA


Maine Restarting Maine’s Economy Executive Order 49 FY 19/20 – Stay Safer at Home (4/29/20)

COVID-19 Prevention Checklists for Businesses Reopening

Announcement re: Rural Reopening Plan (5/8/20)

Announcement re: Lodging Restrictions Eased/ More Openings (5/14/20)


Maryland Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery Executive Order 20-05-06-01 (5/6/20)

Back to Business: Industry-Specific Guidelines for Reopening Businesses

General Business Best Practices

Executive Order 20-05-13-01 (5/13/20) and Interpretive Guidance Memo (5/13/20)


Massachusetts Announcement re: Four-Phase Reopening Approach (5/11/20)

Reopening Massachusetts Report (5/18/20)

Reopening: Four-Phase Approach

Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces

Sector-specific Protocols and Best Practices

Reopening Massachusetts Executive Order (5/18/20)

Safer at Home Advisory (5/18/20)


Michigan MI Safe Start Executive Order 2020-60 (food seller protocols)

Executive Order 2020-70 (5/1/20)

Executive Order 2020-77 (5/6/20)

Executive Order 2020-91 (reopening preparedness requirements) (5/18/20)

Executive Order 2020-92 (5/18/20)


Minnesota Safely Returning to Work Executive Order 20-40 (4/23/20)

Executive Order 20-48 (4/30/20)

Executive Order 20-49 (5/5/20)

Executive Order 20-54  (5/13/20, antiretaliation provisions)

Executive Order 20-55 (5/13/20, protections/accommodation for at-risk individuals)

Executive Order 20-56 (5/13/20, reopening)


Mississippi N/A Executive Order 1477 (4/24/20)

Executive Order 1478 (5/4/20)

Executive Order 1481 (5/12/20)

Executive Order 1486 (5/15/20)


Missouri Show Me Strong Recovery Plan Health Mandate (4/27/20)

Phase 1 Guidelines and FAQs


Montana Governor’s Phased Approach to Reopening the Big Sky Phased Reopening Directive (4/22/20)

Additional Phase One Guidelines (5/7/20)


Nebraska Announcement re: New Directed Health Measures (4/24/20)

Announcement re: Relaxed Health Measures (4/29/20)

Announcement re: New, Relaxed Directed Health Measures (5/9/20)

Announcement re: Relaxed Directed Health Measures (5/11/20)

COVID-19 Nebraska Guidance Documents

All County Directed Health Measures with Effective Dates

State Overview and DHHS COVID-19 Site


Nevada Framework Announcement

Nevada United – Roadmap to Recovery

Phase One Guidelines and Protocols for Reopening

Directive – Phase One Reopening Plan (5/7/20)

Industry-Specific Phase One Guidance (5/15/20)


New Hampshire Economic Re-Opening Task Force Roadmap Emergency Order #40 – Stay at Home 2.0 (5/1/20)

Stay at Home 2.0 Industry-Specific Guidance

Stay at Home 2.0 Schedule with General and Specific Guidance


New Jersey The Road Back: Restoring Economic Health Through Public Health Executive Order No. 142 (5/13/20)

Executive Order No. 146 (5/16/20)


New Mexico “Preparation Phase” Announcement Public Health Order (4/30/20)

Department of Workforce Solutions Guidance (5/4/20)

Announcement re: Limited Retail Reopening (5/13/20)

Executive Order 2020-30 (5/15/20)


New York New York Forward

Framework Announcement (4/28/20)

Regional Approach Annoucement (5/4/20)

Executive Order 202.31 re: Regional Approach (5/14/20)

New York Forward Website

Announcement re: PAUSE Lifted as of May 15 (for approved regions)

Announcement re: PAUSE Extended to May 28 (for regions not reopening)

Regional Map and Metrics/Status for Regional Reopening

Initial Reopening – Announcement re: Three Regions Qualify to Proceed (5/11/20)

Industries Reopening by Phase, with Industry-Specific Guidelines

Announcement re: Western New York Region (5/18/20)


North Carolina Staying Ahead of the Curve Executive Order No. 138 (5/5/20)


North Dakota ND Smart Restart Executive Order 2020-06.4 (4/29/20)

Executive Order 2020-06.6 (5/15/20)

ND Smart Restart Protocols


Ohio Responsible Restart Ohio Sector-Specific Operating Requirements

Stay Safe Ohio Order (4/30/20)

Announcement of Order Reopening Restaurants, Bars and Personal Care Services (5/7/20)

Announcement re: Enforcement Team (5/18/20)


Oklahoma Open Up and Recovery Safely (OURS) Plan Executive Order 2020-13 (4th am.) (4/24/20)

OURS Plan Industry Guidance


Oregon Reopening Oregon

Plan Announcement (5/7/20)

Prerequisites for Phased Reopening of Oregon (5/7/20)

Phase One Reopening Guidance for Industries and Individuals here

Additional Phase One Information

County Status and Phase Information

Executive Order 20-25 (5/15/20)


Pennsylvania Plan for Pennsylvania

Process to Reopen Pennsylvania

Consequences for Violations (5/11/20)

Construction Industry Guidance (4/23/20)

Announcement re: 24 Counties Advance to “Yellow” (5/1/20)

General Guidance for Businesses Permitted to Operate (5/4/20)

COVID-19 Safety Procedures for Businesses Flyer (5/4/20) (available here)

Governor’s Yellow Phase Order (5/7/20)

Health Secretary’s Yellow Phase Order (5/7/20)

Announcement re: 13 More Counties Advance to “Yellow” (5/8/20)

Announcement re: 12 More Counties Moving to “Yellow” (5/15/20)


Puerto Rico N/A Executive Order 2020-038 (5/1/20)


Rhode Island Reopening RI

Further Detail on Phase I

Executive Order 20-32 (5/8/20)

General Business Highlights and Explanations (5/6/20)

General Business Guidelines (5/6/20)

Control Plan Template (5/6/20)

Restaurant Guidelines and Illustration (5/11/20)

Non-critical Retail Guidelines and Checklist and Sign (5/7/20)

Announcements re: Beaches and State Parks

Posters and More Guidelines are available here.


South Carolina accelerateSC Executive Order 2020-28 (4/20/20)

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines – Phase One (5/1/20)

Restaurant Reopening Guidelines – Phase Two (5/8/20)

Temporary Outdoor Seating Guidelines (5/1/20)

Executive Order 2020-31 (5/3/20)

Department of Health and Environment Control Guidance

Announcement re: Close Contact Providers, Gyms, Pools (5/11/20)

Reopening Guidelines Available from accelerateSC

Executive Order 2020-36 (5/15/20)


South Dakota Back to Normal Plan Executive Order 2020-20 (4/28/20)


Tennessee Tennessee Pledge: Reopening Tennessee Executive Order 30 (4/28/20)

Executive Order 33 (5/5/20)

Executive Order 35 (5/7/20)

Announcement re: Lifting Retail/Restaurant Capacity Limits (5/15/20)

Tennessee Pledge Business Guidelines


Texas Strike Force to Open Texas

Governor’s Report (4/27/20)

Executive Order GA-17 (Strike Force)

Executive Order GA-21 (5/5/20, reopening)

Health Protocols

Phase Two Announcement and Executive Order GA-23 (5/18/20)

All Reopening Checklists by Business Type


Utah Utah Leads Together

Utah Leads Together 2.0 Report

Utah Leads Together 2.0 Phased Health Guidelines

“Moderate Phase” Announcement (4/25/20)

Executive Order Updating Guidelines (5/6/20)

Phased Health Guidelines Version 4.4 (5/16/20)

Color-Coded Guidance to Phases and Map

Executive Order – Move to Yellow Phase (5/16/20)


Vermont RestartVT Addendum 10 to Executive Order 01-20 (4/17/20; Phase I)

Addendum 11 to Executive Order 01-20 (4/24/20; Phase II)

Addendum 12 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/1/20; Phase III)

Addendum 13 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/8/20)

Addendum 14 to Executive Order 01-20 (5/15/20)

Health Guidance from Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD)

Updated Interpretative Memo from ACCD

VOSHA COVID-19 Safety Training


Virginia Forward Virginia (4/24/20)

Forward Virginia Announcement (4/24/20)

Forward Virginia – Phases I and II Outline (5/4/20)

Executive Order 61 – Phase One Easing of Certain Temporary Restrictions (5/8/20)

Guidelines for All Business Sectors

Executive Order 62 – Delayed Reopening for Northern Virginia Region (5/12/20)


Washington Washington’s Recovery Plan – Policy Brief

Phased Approach – Reopening and Modifying Physical Distancing Measures

Safe Start Washington (5/4/20)

What’s open and closed (5/1/20)

Proclamation – Safe Start Washington – Phase I (5/4/20)

Guidance for Retail, Pet Walking and Landscaping (5/8/20)

Memo re: Dine-In Restaurant Service – Phase II and Reopening Requirements (5/11/20)

Memo re: Partially Resuming Limited In-Store Retail Operations – Proclamation 20-25 and Related Phase 2 Retail Requirements (5/12/20)

Memo re: Resuming Additional Manufacturing Operations – Proclamation 20-25 and Related Phase 2 Manufacturing Requirements (5/12/20)

Memo re: Customer Log Requirements (5/15/20)

County Variances as of 5/11/20 (5/11/20)

All COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers


West Virginia West Virginia Strong – The Comeback Executive Order 32-20 (Safer at Home) (4/30/20)

Executive Order 37-20 (5/15/20)

Full Schedule and Guidance for West Virginia Businesses


Wisconsin Badger Bounce Back Plan

Plan in Brief

Health Services Page

Emergency Order #28 (4/16/20, Safer at Home) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down most of this order on 5/13. As of 5/17, no new statewide order governs.

Emergency Order #31 (4/20/20, Badger Bounce Back)

Emergency Order #34 (4/24/20) and FAQs

Reopen Guidelines

Executive Order #36 (5/11/20)

WEDC Industry-Specific Reopen Guidelines


Wyoming Transition Plan for a Healthy Wyoming Announcement re: Gyms, Personal Care Services and Relevant Orders

State Public Health Orders and Guidance, County Orders, County Variances

Interactive Map of County Variances

Modified Order re: Public Spaces (5/13/20)

Modified Order re: Gatherings (5/13/20)

Modified Order re: Personal Services (5/13/20)

Guidance for Screening Employees


Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated general and industry-specific guidance.


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