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So, 2016 is HERE and I am super excited to announce: HelpDesk Tool-Kits are Updated for 2016! With thousands of HelpDesk Compliance Warriors on our rolls, we get feedback asking for particular “help” to be added to the already populous job aids and reference pieces. We listen to your requests and our attention to your needs is very evident in the new releases of our resources. So, thank you for your input. You make us better than the rest! So, let’s recap and then I will outline the updates for you.
HR Asst

In the last update we added:

  • a new Independent Contractor Classification Determination to the Payroll tool-kit
  • the 15 page memorandum issued by the DOL in June that outlined the clarification of what is expected when calling someone an independent worker, contractor or business
  • changes to our Exempt Classification Checklist in the Payroll and HR tool-kits
  • a handy Reference Guide to Understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • the proposed I-9 and Instructions for the 2016 I-9 update by USCIS
  • the I-9 Desktop Widget for completing your forms electronically
  • FAQs addressing the Proposed Rule for Overtime Exemptions we are anticipating to become final in 2016
  • a Recruiting and Retention Center to our Audit-Secure Assistant Program. Inside this center is a Job Description Writer, tools to help you analyze wages based on national and local wage norms, build core competencies, perform succession planning and much more…

So, now on to the updates for 2016. We have added:

  • a Wage Garnishment Help section with “by state” information to the Payroll Tool-kit
  • a Webinar and eLearning section to Payroll with updated payroll audit training and one of our Q&A Today webinar recordings
  • updated 2016 IRS W-4 forms and withholding forms for each state and Puerto Rico (if the state updated…not all do)
  • the New-Hire Reporting by State requirements and contacts for 2016
  • 121 Job Description Samples in the HR Tool-kit
  • 11 more documents, forms and letters to HR
  • Social Media Policy, Internet Policy, Online Privacy Policy and Harassment Policy samples to HR
  • updates to many of our 100 Sample Policy and Procedure Manuals (more updates to come) in the HR Tool-kit
  • a 2016 Federal and “By State” listing of legislation being implemented at both levels in 2016 to HR
  • the ability to request custom policy manuals, forms and documents (some are “no charge” others will carry a very reasonable fee)
  • the ability to request sample job descriptions from our new database of over 1000 individual occupations or buy a bundle
  • updates to our Wage and Hour Help by State section in Payroll
  • updates to our comprehensive HIPAA Compliance section of HR
  • updates to our already very detailed FMLA Compliance Help in HR

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?! We will be making updates to our Accounts Receivable, OSHA Small Business and OSHA Medical/Dental Tool-kits over the next week. I will post about them when the releases are final.

Want a sneak peek of the other additions on the short list?

OK, cool! In the coming weeks and possibly months, we will be adding:

  • new checklists to facilitate training and internal auditing
  • tools to help you write and maintain solid policies and SOPs (Standing Operating Procedures)
  • “An App For That”- The ability to access support, Tool-Kits, blog posts, training tools and Podcasts using our upcoming “app for that” which will be available for iOS and Android devices very soon…
  • and more….. (But, they are Top Secret!)

Also,  in 2016, ASAP members are invited to attend one Complimentary Webinar or “Jam” Session each month. A Jam Session is basically a coaching call for HR and Payroll personnel. I will issue a topic and ASAP members will register and send in the questions they would like to see addressed during the session. I will guide the session and be certain your answers are given. Pretty cool, huh! Also, all ASAP members receive nice discounts on other programs or training we offer.

Finally, we are releasing our new line of audio/video courses and Tool-Kits called Andere Keys….
Topics will include:

There ya’ go! That’s enough for now.  If you have questions or ideas for updates and additions to your Tool-Kit, then send ’em on over! We are here for YOU!

Until Next Time, Be Audit-Secure!

Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Seminars, LLC and Chief Content Developer at BeAuditSecure.com. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more from her in Audit-Secure Authority at BeAuditSecure.com.


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