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Be the Kate McKinnon of Compliance

So, I watch the  Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon every night. If you read my blog or listen to my podcast you may have picked up on what a huge fan I am. Last night he had Kate McKinnon on the show. I LUV her, so I was mos def watching. The lessons I pulled out of this episode were so great, I couldn’t wait to write this post!

(Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

Josh Brolin was out as the first guest and decided to hang around for Kate’s segment. When she came out, she was dancing over to her chair as she was greeted by Fallon and Brolin. Immediately, I noticed how confident she was and not at all put off by having Brolin sitting in during her segment. (most guests don’t share the stage on talk shows these days)  As a matter of fact, Kate played and joked like one of the guys. She was dressed to kill. But, she went for the “Yes…and” like the pro she has proved to be on SNL.

As she sat down, Fallon complimented her dress and Brolin said “You’re cute and funny!” In this moment I can only guess that she must be thinking “Great! Another jerk who thinks women can’t be both”. But, she was a pro and showed us all that not everything has to be a  fight. She simply gave him one of those chin down eyes up looks that said – Damn straight!

The conversation continued. At one point, she was talking to Fallon and in response to a background comment from Brolin held her hand up going for a high five. Brolin reciprocated the gesture, which made Fallon immediately comment on the level of confidence it takes to put up the five with no eye contact and just expect the return. My thoughts immediately turned to the trust fall exercise which also takes a lot of confidence. Kate went for the Yes…and from the word go and expected no less from Brolin (who apparently she had not met before last night). She lead by example.

Now for Some Organizational Introspection 

  • Do you go personally for the Yes…and?
  • How about the others in your organization?
  • Are you the level of professionally confident that you would be ready to hold out the high five to an auditor or inspector that you just met?
  • Are you ready to trust fall with your managers and supervisors because you know that when it comes to compliance issues you are all on the same page?
  • Do you have each other’s back?

If you can honestly answer Yes to those questions, then you my friend, are ready to take on the day knowing you and your organization are the Kate McKinnons of compliance. You are Audit-Secure!

Until Next Time, Be Audit-Secure!

Lisa Smith

P.S. If you answered No and are terrified at the thought of trust-falling into a pit of darkness when the auditor walks in and the only high fives you discuss are the ones associated with fines and penalties, then drop me an email. Let me help your entire organization figure out how to get compliant and speak the language of employment law with one voice.


Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Seminars, LLC and Chief Content Developer at BeAuditSecure.com. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more from her in Audit-Secure Authority at BeAuditSecure.com.

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