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DOL Final Rule on Overtime Exemptions: Webinar Replay May 2016

UPDATE: (February 2017) This Final Rule has been placed on hold and is all but dead. Please view my Pop-up Webinars for quick updates as they happen.

Have you taken time out to review the details of the Final Rule on Overtime Exemptions released by  DOL on May 18, 2016? If so, are you  set with  a determination process for how you will classify workers going forward? How about existing workers? Do you have a plan for December 1, 2016? Do you need a little more explanation on the whole  thing? Well, you have  come to the right place.  Enjoy the replay of a free webinar I did just after the release of the Final Rule!

There ya go! Hope this helps you launch your process and be secure knowing you are doing all you can to get it right.

Until Next Time, Be Audit-Secure!

Lisa Smith



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