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Members Only: Pop-up Webinar #3 Update on the Status of the Final Rule for Overtime Exemptions

Hey Warriors!

Welcome to another Members Only Pop-up Webinars for 2017. Today, I am updating you on the latest happenings with the Final Rule for Overtime Exemptions. Please comment and let me know if you have questions.

Enjoy and BeAuditSecure!


Hey good morning compliance warriors, it’s Lisa Smith, just touching base with you on a little bit of an update on the overtime rules for the exempt status personnel that you employ. So we know that I did a pop up webinar a few weeks ago talking about how the overtime rule was put off from the December first deadline and that all of the information for the appeal was supposed to be in by the end of January with the decision by the end of February, but surprise, the DOL has been in all sorts of upheaval, with not having a director or secretary of labor. And so, while all that is still rolling with confirmation and everything, it’s been requested again to push off the appeal to be fully briefed and in place until May 1st. That discussion, that debate, is not going to be visited again until may first and that’s the current new deadline. Now that doesn’t mean that’s going to happen on May first, it may be all the briefing may be on May first and then sometime in June we would have a yes or a no or it’s dead or anything, unless in between now and then something completely shoots it out of the water and kills it once and for all and that may be what happens. It’s looking more and more like it’s just going to be business as usual without the overtime rule unless we hear something popping out differently. So right now we have a new deadline of May first so we are just going to hide and watch and see what happens after that. So anyway, I just wanted to keep you up to date just like I promised I would and let you know. Hopefully by now everybody has gone through and audited all of your exempt status positions and as you are auditing them you may find that some people who don’t qualify to be exempt under the type of work that they are doing, so you are making those changes. You’re taking care of business there and hopefully you’re looking at the new people that you hire and are putting a standard operating procedure on how you determine classification of workers. Because even though we have a new administration and the focus has sort of been off of this topic and all of the appeals and hearings and craziness has been going on right now, it doesn’t diminish the fact that we still are required to pay everyone fairly and to classify them appropriately. Every day we are still reading about the lawsuits, the class actions, the DOL activities going on with employers in the United States so it hasn’t dropped and fallen away just because we are so preoccupied with many other topics given the fact that we transitioned presidential administrations. Thanks so much for keeping in touch with my pop up webinars, and I will see you again very soon. In the meantime, if you want to write in and say “I want you to address this in a pop up or that in a pop up”, then I will be very happy to do that for you. So just keep me posted on what you are interested in hearing about. Until next time, remember, you can’t be audit proof, but if you do it the way you are supposed to, you can be audit secure. Have a good one! Bye…

Lisa Smith


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  • Steve Walrath says:

    Video won’t play on IPad…..pls. Release info in written form., Thanks.

    February 27, 2017 at 8:00 pm
    • Lisa Smith says:

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for the comment. We are testing again on all devices and the video is playing fine. Perhaps its a buffering issue on your device. Either way, I am waiting for the transcription and will update all of my Pop-ups very soon. Thanks again. Let me know if your still having issues. I’ll get you another link to try.

      February 28, 2017 at 9:31 am

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