Hey Compliance Warriors!   Planning for the new year can be a daunting task. But, it can also be a time for fresh ideas to engage and motivate your employees. This article will help you with both! Enjoy….

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“What’s new in the new year

A simple google search will reveal the that the variety of new technology available to human resources teams is ever changing and constantly developing. Applicant tracking systems, methods with which to build and communicate company culture, and recruiting techniques are a mere fraction of what’s occurring in the HR tech market today. The good news? Many of the new technologies have developed to fully support the HR professional, and not just the human resource professional’s responsibilities. For example, Recruiters LineUp is a new online platform built to assist HR professionals in hiring and recruiting- and offers their matching services for free. If you can discover new and relevant resources that will assist your team in its development then walking into that first meeting in January is sure to impress and save your team valuable time and energy.

Generally speaking

It’s worthwhile to look at the calendar year ahead in a general manner. Begin thinking in terms of categories. What events will occur this year? Denote everything from an annual conference to a company outing to end of quarter dates. Perhaps your company is launching a new initiative in June? Mark it! This exercise gives you a sense of how the year will play out technically and structurally, as well as provide you with the foresight for any scheduling issues or especially busy periods. By providing the human resources team with a general calendar, everyone can be on the same page and envision the year together, in unison. That leaves space for smaller projects, individual and team goals, and other initiatives to find their time on the calendar for the year ahead.

It’s in the details

It is crucial to maintaining a detailed list of the HR team’s functions as human resources teams often cover the widest variety of tasks within an organization. By documenting, in detail, each general responsibility and then the details that make up that responsibility, you will have a great tool not only for planning but also an invaluable tool with which to provide upper management when requesting more resources or a higher salary.  In a practical manner, it also helps the human resources team to understand the amount of tasks that should be accomplished on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. No detail is too small!


The new year is a time of excitement and planning and both professional and personal goals are set, and studies have shown those who write their goals down achieve significantly more of them than those who do not write their goals down. When it comes to the human resources industry, resolutions can and should be set on a multitude of levels. The HR team will have separate goals than each individual department, though both depend on the other. This is also a great time to speak one on one with each HR team member and hear their individual goals and ideas for the upcoming new year.

While planning ahead for the new year is important, there is something said in looking back too. Take some time to be reflective of accomplishments and failures of the past year. Celebrate victories and take a moment to be proud of you and your team’s hard work.”

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