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Non Competition Agreement Compliance

Hey Compliance Warriors!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself when making sure your non-competition agreements are compliant. Read on…

Article via: thompsonhine.com

“Welcome to the fourth issue in our series, Compliance Check 2020, a monthly publication that will help you perform a self-assessment of your company’s compliance with federal, state and local employment laws and regulations.

In this edition, we examine non-competition agreements, the elements they should contain to provide maximum protection for your business and strategies for tailoring them to meet your specific needs. Here are some questions you should consider to ensure that your agreements offer an appropriate level of protection for your company while complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

  • Does your company regularly review and update its existing non-competition agreements with employees?
  • Do your non-competition agreements take state law requirements into account?
  • Do your agreements include the language required by the Defend Trade Secrets Act?
  • Does your company use the same form of agreement for all employees who are subject to non-competition provisions?
  • Does your company use non-competition agreements with all employees, even lower-level workers?”

For more information: https://www.thompsonhine.com/publications/compliance-check-2020—april-2019


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