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Hey Compliance Warriors!

Users who receive a TNC and choose to resolve now have eight (8) federal working days to take action. A system-generated Further Action Notice (FAN) and a Referral Date Confirmation letter will be issued to the user as proof their case has been referred to either DHS, SSA or both. Read on…Effective March 27, 2020, myE-Verify users can begin using the new features, guidance and updated screens in Self Check to:

  • Confirm their employment eligibility in a single case,
  • Resolve a Tentative Nonconfirmation, TNC, (formerly known as a mismatch)
  • Resolve a Dual TNC from DHS and SSA, and
  • Track their case to completion and view the results once resolved.

Customers should contact the appropriate agency in the Notice for additional support and resolution. Customers who choose not to take action within the eight (8) federal working days will receive a Final Nonconfirmation (FNC). If the user chooses to resolve the TNC after an FNC is issued, they may create a new Self Check case. If the user made a data entry error, they can now close the TNC case and create a new case. Users may only have one Self Check case open at a time.

While myE-Verify remains voluntary and does not replace the E-Verify process, the new features allow applicants, jobseekers and employees to address their potential TNC status before their next E-Verify employer does.

Due to current circumstances related to COVID-19, E-Verify has updated some policies that temporarily affect myE-Verify Self Check updates. Click on the E-Verify Extension to Resolve TNCs for more information.


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