Hi, I’m Lisa Smith.

Here at BeAuditSecure.com, we have a few foundational beliefs about how we approach payroll and human resources.  I want to share those with you today.  One of my very most foundational, non-negotiable, must do things for my business and yours is the rule of 3’s.

Yep, the rule of 3’s.   What is that?  Let me just briefly tell you.  Before I teach, before I believe, before I recommend or before I implement any policy, procedure, guideline, in any of my classes, business, any of my clients I make sure I get the same answer verified from 3 credible sources.  What does that mean?  Does that mean I go out and I check 3 sources and say well, I checked 3 places?  No, I can go out and check 3 places and I may not get the same answer the first 3 times.

Now, sometimes I get the same answer 3 times and it is the same bad answer.  Discernment also takes a front seat in the Rule of 3s.  If something doesn’t have that ring of truth, that gut feeling of  “Yeah, this is the right direction. Everything I’m reading says this is true” then it may not be true.  Make sure you can point to a court case, a statute, a best practice that a national organization or a very well respected group of advocates for Human Resources or Payroll recommends. The Department of Labor and the IRS are great sources?  Be careful you don’t just stop at a government source.  Sometimes even the government gets it wrong.  How can that be?  You will have to stay tuned to find out.  Check out our free content library or become a member of Audit Security Authority.  We talk about that stuff all the time.  I am going to be going into a lot of really great detail when it comes to how the government sometimes steers us in the wrong direction.

Thanks for tuning into this segment.  Until next time, be audit secure.  I’m Lisa Smith.


Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Seminars, LLC and Chief Content Developer at BeAuditSecure.com. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more from her in Audit-Secure Authority at BeAuditSecure.com.


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