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HelpDesk OSHA Compliance Tool-Kits Updated for 2016

Hello HelpDesk Framily!

HelpDesk Toolkits for OSHA Compliance

So, 2016 is HERE and I am super excited to announce: HelpDesk OSHA Compliance Tool-Kits are Updated for 2016! With thousands of HelpDesk Compliance Warriors on our rolls, we get feedback asking for particular “help” to be added to the already populous job aids and reference pieces. We listen to your requests and our attention to your needs is very evident in the new releases of our resources. So, thank you for your input. You make us better than the rest! So, let’s recap and then I will outline the updates for you.

We have added:

  • updated OSHA Posters
  • updated regulations for federal and CalOSHA
  • several new sample forms
  • revised webinars on building your OSHA Health and Safety program
  • new samples of action plans and programs
  • contact information and links to individual states with OSHA approved plans
  • added new training tools and deleted a few older ones
  • an index with links to hundreds of CalOSHA publications and training tools
  • Final Rule for electric power, transmission and generation
  • 2015 Field Operations Manual
  • 2015 Memo on Calculating Combustible Dust
  • PSM 2016 Retail Exemption Alert
  • 2015 enforcement memo for inpatient healthcare facilities
  • OSHA’s Small Farm Authority clarification memo
  • and more….

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?! We will be making updates to our Accounts Receivable Tool-kit over the next week. I will post about that when the release is final.

Remember, if you have an older version of any HelpDesk Tool-kit and need an update you have two options:

  1. Purchase an updated disc or USB drive
  2. Register for Online Access for FREE

Just drop us an email and let us know which you prefer: support@beauditsecure.com

Also,  in 2016, ASAP (Audit-Secure Assistant Program) members are invited to attend one Complimentary Webinar or “Jam” Session each month. A Jam Session is basically a coaching call for HR and Payroll personnel. I will issue a topic and ASAP members will register and send in the questions they would like to see addressed during the session. I will guide the session and be certain your answers are given. Pretty cool, huh! Also, all ASAP members receive nice discounts on other programs or training we offer.

Finally, we are releasing our new line of audio/video courses and Tool-Kits called Andere Keys….
Topics will include:

If you have questions or ideas for updates and additions to your Tool-Kit, then send ’em on over! We are here for YOU!

Until Next Time, Be Audit-Secure!

Lisa Smith


Lisa Smith is CEO of Andere Seminars, LLC and Chief Content Developer at BeAuditSecure.com. Follow her on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn, listen to her Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast, and find more from her in Audit-Secure Authority at BeAuditSecure.com.


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