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Wage and Hour Division Wants to Hear From You!

Hey Compliance Warriors!

The WHD is trying to gather information for what their final rule on salary level exemptions, that got put on hold, should be. We’ll be attending one of these seminars below in Denver this week. Read on…

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“Remember that time when the Wage & Hour Division published a final rule increasing the minimum salary level for the white-collar exemptions to $47,476 per year? And then a court enjoined the rule from going forward? And then the whole thing got put on hold with the change in Administration?

Apparently, so does WHD!

After last year’s Request for Information, we’ve been expecting WHD to move the ball forward with a new proposal. According to the most recent regulatory agenda, however, that is not slated until January 2019.

If that seems too far away for your next Part 541 fix , WHD has you covered!!! WHD just announced a series of listening sessions, providing the regulatory community with still more opportunities to let it know what employers (and employees) are thinking. If you have strong feelings about the white-collar exemptions, please register for the tour location closest to your city: Atlanta (9/7), Seattle (9/11), Kansas City (9/13), Denver (9/14), and Providence (9/24).

WHD will use the information gathered during these meetings—as well as last year’s RFI—to help inform its views on its new proposal next year. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on any additional developments.”

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