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FAQ On Paid Sick and Safe Time in New Jersey

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Last week the New Jersey put out an FAQ on their new paid sick and safe leave law. Here’s a quick break down of what all it includes. Read on…

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“Just days before New Jersey’s paid sick and safe time (PSST) law is set to take effect on October 29, 2018, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development issued a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help employers comply with the new law, as proposed regulations implementing the law likely will not be finalized until 2019.

The 102-question, 21-page guidance document is divided into 12 sections:

  • general questions;
  • covered employees;
  • accrual and front loading;
  • using leave;
  • payment for leave used;
  • year-end carry-over or cash-out of unused leave;
  • using PTO policies to comply with the law;
  • how the law interacts with other federal and state leave laws;
  • retaliation;
  • notices employers must provide employees;
  •  recordkeeping; and
  • enforcement.

While these FAQs help clarify some aspects of the law, employers may want to consult with knowledgeable counsel about PSST implementation and compliance issues.”

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