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Laws on Termination in Connecticut

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“Discipline and termination

State procedures

Are there state-specific laws on the procedures employers must follow with regard to discipline and grievance procedures?

Employers must provide employees with a copy of any documentation of disciplinary action imposed on the employee not more than one business day after the discipline (Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-128b(c)).

Employees must be given a notice of their right to respond to any written disciplinary action (Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-128e(b)).

At-will or notice

At-will status and/or notice period?

Connecticut is an at-will employment state. Generally, either party has the right to terminate the employment relationship at any point without giving a reason. 

What restrictions apply to the above?

Two exceptions to the doctrine of at-will employment include terminations:

  • in violation of law or public policy (e.g. based on the employee’s membership in a protected class or participation in protected activity); or
  • breach of a contract, if any (express or implied).

Final paychecks

Are there state-specific rules on when final paychecks are due after termination?

An employee who voluntarily terminates his or her employment must be paid his or her wages in full not later than the next regular pay day, either through the regular payment channels or by mail. An employee who is involuntarily terminated must be paid his or her wages in full not later than the next business day after discharge (Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 31-71c(a) and (b)).”  

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