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USCIS Suspends Appointments & Closes Offices

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At this point, we’re all too familiar with the ramifications of COVID-19 on our world. As of a few days ago, the Citizenship and Immigration Services in the US have suspended activities in their offices, putting one more brick in the proverbial wall every country seems to be building around itself in this time of crisis. Read on…

Article Via: hrlegalist.com

“U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced that, effective immediately, it is temporarily closing many of its offices and in-person services. Please see here for specific details and up to date information on this and specific field office notices.

Specifically, all USCIS field offices, asylum offices and Application Support Centers (ASCs) will not provide in-person services until at least April 1. This includes interviews, naturalization ceremonies and biometric collection appointments. However, the agency will continue to provide emergency services during this time. If you have an emergency service request, you should contact the USCIS Contact Center.

    • If you currently have an appointment scheduled at a USCIS field office, the agency will be sending out notices postponing your appointment date. USCIS will subsequently contact you about rescheduling once it resumes normal operations.
    • If you current have an ASC biometrics appointment, USCIS will similarly automatically reschedule those, and you will receive a new appointment notice via the mail.
    • If you have an InfoPass appointment, you must contact the USCIS Contact Center to reschedule once field offices resume normal operations (note: you must call the number and speak with an agent). You should check to see if your field office has been reopened before reaching out to the USCIS Contact Center.”

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