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DOL Poster Rules & Why They Matter More In 2020

Hey Compliance Warriors!

Often employers don’t realize the legal obligations and just the practical benefits of having these posters easily accessible to all employees. Let’s talk about the why.

For starters, there’s the money side of the coin. There are plenty of fines that Uncle Sam will happily let you pay for failing to make the most up-to-date- versions of ALL required posters available to ALL of your employees. Then there’s the other side of the coin, which also involves money—just a lot more of it. If your employees aren’t aware of their rights and you make no effort to inform them, you’re leaving yourself open to lawsuits that could cost your business a lot more than a fine of a few hundred dollars, not to mention the negative press a lawsuit can bring.

All of this is to say; you must display the required posters in a highly visible location for all of your employees to see, not the back of the restroom door or in the secret corridor Harry Potter used to get around Hogwarts.

Now, let me throw you another curve-ball – COVID-19 & the stay-at-home workforce. It sounds like the worst “end of days band” ever!  DOL, at the federal and state levels, requires that remote workers have access to the same up-to-date DOL information provided to on-site workers. This can cause a lot of headaches for employers, and ordering up-to-date posters for every employee can get expensive. Thankfully, the laws don’t specify in which format the posters must be provided. Thus, producing a PDF via email that the remote-work employee can respond to and confirm they’ve downloaded gives you verifiable proof they’ve received the required documentation.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a low-cost program that covers this process.  Our Be Audit Secure ePoster Club keeps you up-to-date by providing unlimited downloadable PDF posters you can email to all of your remote employees, post them on a company intranet, or print and post in your office.

Other than avoiding the pain of throwing away money on fines and potential lawsuits, there are benefits to displaying/distributing both the required and optional posters we make available. With individual posters being printed in multiple languages, you can allow non-native English speakers to look over the required info in their native language for better comprehension. This better understanding will help with employee satisfaction and retention. Postings also cut down on HR inquiries. If employees can read the documentation about their rights or responsibilities, they may not need to interact with the HR department as much or at all, depending on the circumstance. This is especially true when an employee may need reminding or clarification on a matter. Your current and easily accessible posters can be a great source of assistance.

Simply put, every business needs to have its DOL posters displayed in the office or distributed to the remote workforce. That can involve Federal, State, County, and City postings. Posters are often updated mid-year, and newly required postings are added with little public notice.

How do you keep up with all of these changes as they occur? Paying around $27 for a laminated poster sounds like a great deal until you realize the government requires a heck of a lot more than that one poster will ever cover (for most states) over a full year.

With the Be Audit Secure ePoster Club, you’re getting…

  • A comprehensive compilation of all required & optional posters for your business.
  • Monthly updates & changelogs to meet the federal, state, and city-level requirements emailed to you & posted on our website.
  • Free updates as changes occur, unlimited downloads & best-in-class customer support.
  • Puerto Rico & Washington DC posters are included with our all-states program.
  • Choose from 1 or more states where your company operates or sign up for our all-states program at a reduced price!

Continue to keep your business safe and your employees informed with Be Audit Secure ePoster Club

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