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State Updates: 4 Legalize Recreational Marijuana and More…

Hey Compliance Warriors!

Four states have voted to legalize recreational Mary Jane!  Read on…

Initiative Passed (Y/N)
Arizona Proposition 207: Recreational marijuana legalization Y
California Proposition 22: Designating the state’s app-based drivers independent contractors Y
California Proposition 16: Affirmative action programs at state and public institutions N
Colorado Proposition 118: Creating a paid family and medical leave program Y
Florida Amendment 2: Raising the state’s minimum wage incrementally to $15 an hour Y
Mississippi Initiative 65/65A: Medical marijuana program Y
Montana Initiative I-190: Recreational marijuana legalization Y
New Jersey Public Question 1: Recreational marijuana legalization Y
South Dakota Constitutional Amendment A: Recreational marijuana legalization Y
South Dakota Initiated Measure 26: Medical marijuana program



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