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2019 Minimum Wage Increase for Federal Contractors

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The DOL announced that beginning January 1st, 2019 the minimum wage will go up for federal contractors. Read on…

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“The September 4, 2018 edition of the Federal Register will include the updated minimum wage rates that must be paid to workers performing work on or in connection with federal contracts covered by Executive Order (E.O.) 13658, Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors.  Beginning January 1, 2019, federal contractors must pay covered workers at least $10.60 per hour. The Secretary of Labor also gave notice that beginning January 1, 2019, covered tipped employees performing work on or in connection with covered contracts must be paid a cash wage of at least $7.40 per hour.

Under the E.O., signed on February 12, 2014, contractors were initially required to pay covered workers at least $10.10 per hour as of January 1, 2015.  The E.O. permits the Secretary of Labor to adjust this amount each year. Currently, the federal contractor minimum wage is $10.35 per hour. The minimum amount covered tipped employees performing work on or in connection with covered contracts is $7.25 per hour.  Both increases—to $10.60 and $7.40 per hour, respectively—will take effect the first of the year.”

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