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HelpDesk Tool-Kits – FLSA and FMLA Updates – August 2016

August 2016 saw several updates to our HelpDesk Tool-Kits. Specifically, FLSA and FMLA updates to our Human Resources and Payroll Tool-Kits.

Do you want to see specific tools or other HELP in one of our Tool-Kits? Please, contact us and tell us what you need. We want to put all of  the Help we can on your Desk!

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HelpDesk for HR Professionalsupdate-sticker_fJ34ZLud_L

Updated FMLA section

  • Road map
  • New DOL guidance
  • New FMLA Hot Tips
  • DOL’s FMLA written policy requirements
  • Sample FMLA written policy
  • FMLA explanation video
  • Leave Eligibility Advisor Tool
  • States with FMLA related leave laws
  • Comparison charts for each of the 11 states and D.C.
  • California FMLA / CFRA section added

HelpDesk for Payroll Professionals

Updated FLSA section

  • 2016 Small Business Overtime Exempt Guide
  • OT Exempt FAQs
  • Guide for Government Employers
  • Guide for Non-profits
  • Guide for Education Employers
  • General Business Guide

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